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    My 12 yr old daughter informed me that her class is doing a "Wax museum" They will choose a historical figure to dress up like and do a presentation.
    This is done in a gymnasium and each kid has there own space to do their "theatrical" presentation in. While other kids chose Martin Luther King Jr, Amelia Erhart, Abraham Lincoln and the like, My kid chose......

    Carlos Hathcock.......

    I didn't even know she knew he existed.

    Ummm.... Well, Ok, Her school is pretty open minded, I don't know what to say. I'm proud of her, but I don't know how her teacher is going to feel about it. Oh well, I'm gonna help her with the project. What I need help with is can anyone recommend a book on him? Does he have an autobiography? I need the name of the book etc. so I can either go to borders or the library to pick it up.

    She wants to make her own camouflage and wants me to "build" her a replica of an M40 and teach her to build a hide. I think it's a cool idea and very unique. I asked her why she wanted to do this particular character and she said because no one else has done it before.
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    [ame=] Marine Sniper: 93 Confirmed Kills (9780425103555): Charles Henderson: Books[/ame]

    Amazing book! I would call the teacher tomorrow just to make sure that this would be acceptable. I would even go as far as having the teacher put something in writing saying that it was approved just in case some parent or school board member objects that way your daughter is off the hook and it is the teacher on the line. BTW, you are obviously doing something right raising your daughter when the first person that comes to mind is Carlos Hathcock! Bravo!

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    OMG...I'm impressed , But , I hope she doesnt get expelled for a replica gun like has happened in the past...which should be a Model 70 Winchester.
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    That's why I suggested he call the teacher and get this approved before hand.
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    That could be bad news!

    Just make sure she doesn't "point", the pretend weapon at some one!

    I wish her luck!

    Are you sure it was NOT a model 70?
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    Hathcock generally used the standard sniper rifle: the Winchester Model 70 .30-06 caliber rifle with the standard 8-power Unertl scope. On some occasions, however, he used a different weapon: the .50-caliber M2 Browning Machine Gun, on which he mounted the Unertl scope, using a bracket of his own design.[9] This weapon had a Traversing and Elevating (T& E) mount that enabled precise aiming: it was accurate to 2500 yards when fired one round at a time.
  7. As long as all the bases are covered like the courage, leadership, and effect he had on the Marines and the erm....can you still say sniper in schools?

    There is plenty to write about that makes it just as palatable to the most un-militaristic anti-gunner out there like hauling Marines out of a burning vehical at his own risk, the observation skills, sense of self responsibility, the contributions he made to the Marine Scout Sniper program, and the upbringing and area he was raised in.

    Hope between you two ya can get written permission for this project!
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    New York
    If I remember correctly (it's been a long time since I read the book and it's buried in the shed thanks to Her Imperial Majesty's redecoration of the house that eliminated all the bookshelves), Gunny Hathcock favored tiger-stripe camo and usually wore a boonie hat with a small white feather tucked in the hat band, hence his nickname among the NVA and the VC of "White Feather." The web gear would be Vietnam-era standard OD green. Boots would be canvas-sided jungle boots. I don't recall that he wore the pin-on rank insignia on his collar points when he was in the field, and I can't recall the details of his rucksack.

    I hope this helps. If she has the chance to do a presentation, I believe you can recover interviews Gunny Hathcock gave before his death on YouTube concerning the famous "shot through the rifle scope" sniper kill that got the Mythbusters in such hot water a few years ago. You also might want to have her talk to USMC Public Affairs; I think one of the ranges used in the USMC sniper course at Quantico was renamed in Hathcock's memory. The Corps does not honor Marines that way casually or lightly.
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    Another book. "One Shot, One kill" by Charles W. Sasser has some stories in it about him. And History channel has been running a show about him this month..... can't remember the title of it though.

    Your raising that girl right..... congrats!!!!
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    Thanks for the compliments and the advice. She is actually in a charter school which is quite a bit better about this sort of thing than most public schools (even here in the PRK), I don't think it'll be a problem, but I'm going to talk to the teacher first.
    She and her older sister have both done "gun related" stuff in school before and it was fine, but nothing this elaborate.

    A couple of other kids are doing D-Day and they'll have "replicas" (Just found this out) so maybe it'll be ok. I'm still gonna ask though.
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    Congrats to you little girl It's a guttsy call and I hope they don't prohibit her from doing it.. Go for it !!
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    good for her should try and get pictures of her dressed up as carlos.
  14. Dragunov

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    Well, the camo will probably be wrong, (wrong colored BDUs) but I'll make sure the feather is there. :)
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    Please err on the side of caution. If the teacher says go for it, get a similar written permission from the principal, superintendent, board president or whomever else is responsible for the charter. Get a copy of the school policy on firearms. Read it carefully.

    Don't be surprized if they have a zero tolerance policy and disallow her to bring anything looking like a gun to school.

    Don't be surprized if she can't even bring a picture of his weapons, or mention specific brands and models used by him and others.

    Don't be surprized if, even with all the paperwork saying it's okay some parental unit complains or threatens to sue if their kid is exposed to this "gun culture" stuff.

    Don't be surprized if she can report on what a valuable contribution he made to our nation, but she is not allowed to mention that he killed enemy soldiers by singling them out rather than making lots of bits of metal fly in their general direction.

    Some view snipers as glorified assassins. Some guys who have been shot at by snipers, in WWII for example, don't have a very high opinion of them as a breed. Not everyone thinks of them as heroes. To some they are just murderers in uniform.

    Go forth with due caution, my friend.
  16. Dragunov

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    Your advice hasn't fallen on deaf ears. Thank you.:)
  17. Dragunov

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    This is interesting. I talked to my daughters teacher. There are several kids doing a figure that involves firearms. Jesse James, D-Day, Annie oakley and Buffalo Bill Cody. She is getting the kids who will be bringing "guns" together for a quick lecture about not pointing them at anyone. The school has approved this already.

    I asked the teacher why they're allowed to do this and she said that the school believes in the second amendment and the individuals right to keep and bear arms in this country. I had to check a map to make sure I was still in Commiefornia! :p

    I told her the book will called "93 confirmed kills" and teacher said "That would be fine"
    The principle said written permission isn't necessary because of the schools philosophy. They get most of their funding from private businesses and very little from the gubbment, so they have a lot more leeway to do things as they see fit.

    WIEEEEERD!! But cool!
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    That is Awesome...Did they use Ghillie suits in 'Nam ???
  19. Dragunov

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    I don't know, but she has her own we can finish and that'll work.
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    Dragunov, I admire your daughters choice and your enthusiasm for the project. In this age of political correctness and zero tolerance in schools especially regarding firearms; don't be surprised if the project gets nixed.

    Here is an article about a kid who is still expelled over a toy gun. The loonies are certainly in charge of our schools.

    Child Still Expelled for Toy Gun - a Year Later | NBC Miami