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    im not kidding you I have had the most miserable experiance with earthlink, for the past 3 weeks earthlink has told me my modem is nonfunctional, I replaced my modem, guess what same problems, no connections, cost me 50 bucks, this provider stinks, I cant believe I made this connection, what is the best provider?earthlink sucks, big time
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    They all suck.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I have never had a problem with MSN and probably will never switch. Maybe I'm one of the few lucky ones?
  4. oneastrix

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    For those of you in the Houston, Austin, or San Antone areas, everyone's internet ( has never given me a prob. $10 a month and no problems......
  5. Oxford

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    I've been using for about five years. They charge $19.00/month for unlimited air time. Their service has been good for me.
  6. I work off of Earthlink. Haven't really had a problem with it except for a while back I was getting constantly logged off when I would use my back button on the browser.

    At first I thought it was a browser issue but I changed dial up numbers and it seemed to clear up.

    I'm not happy with Earthlink and I might go with MSN. Who knows, maybe we'll find out if Joe is just one of the lucky few, lol.

    Up until about two months ago my wife just cherished AOL. I had my modem fried and when I replaced it AOL wouldn't recognize the new modem no matter what was tried but Earthlink came right back up without a hitch. (And it was a modem company that claimed they went into partnership with AOL...go figure).

    So, we had to drop AOL, ahhhhhhhhhhh.

    I've tried Net Genie a few years back when it was $99 for a one time sign up (actually it was purchased by our department on a contract package for some of us).

    All was well until they figured out they were losing money and decided to charge a monthly fee. THEN my lifetime account suddenly started having 'mysterious' problems. Yeah, right :).

    I was already retired by then so there wasn't much I could scream about.
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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    When mine fried everything came up smelling like roses with MSN Dale, no probs whatsoever. Alot easier than I thought.
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    I use Time Warrner Cable "Road Runner" its a cable modem set up...all their stuff it acts up I call them and its their far they been pretty good....speeeds nice two...course its around $30 a month ... part of my cable bill that now tops $125 a month but its only $$$
  9. tommy

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    i have aol . i only been having a puter for about a year and a half so i can't coment on the other services out there.
  10. AOL is the only one I HAVENT had a problem with. I've tried at least a half dozen or so over the last few years and none worked worth a darn. The last one I tried was and it didnt work. I hate aol's prices but I always end up coming back to them.
  11. Chris

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    AOL in one word sucks. They hire the stupidest ppl to work for them.

    Personally I would go with a DSL hookup if I could get it, but I like making things especially computer things more complicated so that I feel like a macho man!

    Earthlink is a good company as far as a cable connection goes, their dial up connection leaves a bit to be desired.
  12. tommy

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    doesn't that dsl work off of satelite?i have satelite hooked up in my house but with all the rain we get it's always out. does the rain affect the dsl too/
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    I have "outdoorsunlimited"
    It cost $19.95 per month, unlimited time, and lots of hunting and gun related stories on the home page lpus $1.00 of my monthly payment goes to the NRA. they are the only ISP I have found that supports gun rights.
    You can find them at or at 1-877-922-4868
  14. Colt, who is the primary browser for your ISP?

    Right now i have two browsers.....Baba and Netscape and I am constantly bombarded with pop up ads that really rashes my azz.
  15. 7mmag6

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    thanks guys, I will call outdoorsunlimited, maybe they can give me a link for a stupid old jar-head, that is computer stupid
  16. Chris

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    DSL works off your current phone lines. ITs almost 50 times faster than any dialup and about 50 dollars a month.
  17. jerry

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    MSN works for me. I have it for work. (never gripe 'bout something free/benefit) I'd definetly try Outdoors Unlimited if I had to get my own. At least you know the money isn't being used against you.
  18. NRAJOE

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    Yeah, I might try Outdoors Unlimited one of these days. The NRA also has one but I think someone shot it down previously.
  19. Howdy


    I use Road Runner, and am pretty happy with it. Except for the fact that like when I had AOhelL I am paying the evil empire to try and take my guns away from me and lock me up.

    AOL and Road Runner(Time warner co.) are both so anti gun it'd make your head swim.....

    I want to go with outdoors unlimited or NRA, but alas, no local service. Just like AOL, and Earthlink here. To use any of these is a long distance call......:mad: