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    Well folks I'm alive and well just can't get to a comp. much. Just thought I'd let people know, if they don't already, to be careful where they get comps and internet providers.
    I found out the hard way that not all places service what they sell, especially used. Also not all comps can handle high speed cable apparently, but that don't stop the company from installing it, and taking your money.
    After i got high speed my comp crashed. the place i got it wouldn't honour the warranty because the brand wasn't listed as one of theirs. the cable co. says it's not their fault I asked for the high speed. they have enough gall to keep charging me for the 4 month trial i signed for.:target:
  2. Taras,

    Nice to see ya again.

    Sorry to hear about your comp and ISP service problem.

    You thing about only gets better....just glad to know your safe and happy (well somewhat happy, lol).

    I know what you mean about charging you after you unsubscribe. Something similar happened to us on one of our accounts and they never reimbursed. They just pretty much said 'take us to court' and that was Net Genie (a one time pay for $99 and we only got two months before our password wouldn't work).

    Well, anyway, your OK...that's all that really matters.


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    whatcha gotta do is when you or they end the service make sure that whos paying knows about it. for example my service is paid by automatic payment from my checking acount. if the service is ended i would contact my bank and end any further payments to aol. thats it in a nutshell.
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    Sorry Taras, but I do not see how the ISP can be blamed for your problem. If you signed a contract, then you have to abide by it, unless THEY breach it. There are many very computer literate people here. If you would describe the problem, I bet some of us could figure out how to fix it.