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    Great link for those looking to get into reloading.

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    That is a great link! Somebody make it a Sticky!
    Thanks mitch!
  3. I wanted to add another link to/for reloading for those that are beginning or thinking of getting into reloading. The first link is to the reloading intro called "Reloading 101" that I found and thought it was worth sharing to those new to it or thinking of getting into it. The second link is to the home of the website of the author of "Reloading 101".

    Reloading 101

    Rocky's Reloading Room
  4. Reloading 101 was great. Basic intro. Statred off with:

    "New to reloading? Have a lot of questions you’re afraid to ask because you think they’re too basic? Have no clue about equipment, tools or even the words that reloaders use? Never fret. Here’s a short “Introductory Course” in the art and science of reloading ammunition."

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    I recently purchased some 7.62X39 ammo that is brass rather than steel, but uses Berdan primers and is sold as "corrosive." My question is: is the brass worth saving for reloading purposes or is there some factor that supercedes reuse?
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  6. I just picked up the "Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading". I haven't read much of it but it seems to be the A to Z of reloading for beginners as well as pros.
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    I have been watching this guys videos for about a week now learning about reloading. This is very good for a beginner like me. Lots of explanation and video of him going through the entire reloading process.

    YouTube - ammosmith's Channel
  8. He sure do like to experiment don't he? lol

    [ame=]YouTube - Tannerite and Propane[/ame]
  9. HELP:
    I'm haveing trouble with the .45 seating tight not seating all the way.
    can any one help me.
    thank you....Bob
  10. Back your seating die out, along with the seating stem, and follow the instructions in the "How to adjust your dies" link in post number 29 of the "NEWBIE" thread.
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    If i buy a die set do i need to buy a collet for that caliber as well? How many collets would i need if I plan on reloading 300 wsm,win mag,savage, .30 carbine, 223, 308, 40s&w, 7mm-08, 270, 357 mag, 30-06, 243, 44 mag, 444 and 450? I know that is a lot.
    I was looking at both kinetic and collet pullers, do you need both are can you do with just the collet?