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    As you were :)

    Hey I'm letting you all know who I am, on my second post. I had just found this forum (well old one) a few days ago.

    I'm retired Army. Spent the first part of my serivce laying grazing fire. The middle part, as an Armorer, and the last behind a freakin desk.

    My O'man was a WWII vet, for the duration, South Pacific B.A.R. operator. He tought me many things about military firearms.

    His first and formost lesson was. The M1 Garrand was and is the ideal battle rifle. Once you own one, you will never let it go. You will judge all others from this rifle.

    Well I got one this last winter. Nov 44 build @ SA, rebarreled in 53. I have now gone through it again to include Nat'l match barrel and op-rod. I've left the outside alone.

    I am not a collector, but a shooter. Man does this thing shoot! I haven't found an aim point far enough away yet to tell you what the bullet drop is. 100 yards, notta. After I sighted it in, the range I was at had a 200 yard 2 foot steel gong. I hit it 8 out of 8 times the first time I had ever shot this rifle.

    So far the only mod I've done was to put in a modified part so that the clip doesn't fly out after the last round, and you can hand load the clip for single shot with out the need of a sled.

    I look forward to yaking with you all, sharing what I know, and learning what you know.

    Your turn

    Western Washington
    West Coast USA
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    Welcome to the forum Armorer! There is a lot of good information that is shared by all of the members.

    I enjoy shooting and hunting with the Garand too. Harvested a little 8 pointer the first hunting trip with the rifle. Enjoyed carrying it on several other trips though I did not have the opportunity to let the world hear a classic rifle bark.

    My father enjoys shooting this rifle even though he was not a WWII Army vet. He was never in the military but played a big part in ending that terrible war. As a precision machinist working for the old American Lava Corp., he worked on a little device for something called Oak Ridge. He thought it was strange to have an armed MP tearing up any notes or drawings that he made while working on the piece. After the war was over, the boss was allowed to announce to all of the guys that had worked on this project that they had built the triggers for the two A bombs dropped on Japan. Wow, can you imagine how they felt!

    Didn't mean to write a novel but I did want to respond to your post and welcome you aboard. WildBill

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    Welcome Armorer! I like your avatar. My Dad was Career Navy but spent a fair amount of time behind an M-1. I was issued an M-14 in basic (army 1969-72) and an M-16 in the field.

    I like the looks of the M-1A but need to chill a while on the firearm purchases.:rolleyes: