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  1. gunsmith_tony

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    Hi fellow FALophiles. (try say'n that 10 times really fast)

    Thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. Usually I could be found lurking in the FALfiles/forums. One of your fine administrators invited my to come by and check out your forum. He's right; I like it.

    I'm Tony Marshburn
    I own M&M Gunsmithing in Atlanta.
    I'm 44-yrs old, and have been a Gunsmith for 25-yrs.
    I've built all kinds of service rifles, including match M1's and M1A's, and my favorites...FAL's.
    I've also built many competition grade pistols and revolvers.
    I did the "Full-time general gunsmithing" thing for about ten years. Started to get burned out though, so now I do it part-time. Don't have to fix those RG's, Ravens, Clerke First's, and the like anymore. 90% of what I work on now are service rifles and C&R rifles and pistols. Just the way I like it. :)
    I'm not obnoxious, or egotisticle...I'm quite easy to talk to.
    I'm sure I can make a good contribution to this forum.

  2. oneastrix

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    Welcome to it. Do you have a web-site. Don't spam us though. It's always good to have fresh ideas and thought in the forum. You will find that we have recently digressed from talking soley about guns to talking about everything. Good to have ya.

  3. oneastrix

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    Oops, just saw your sig.....Lay all your cards on the table right off the bat huh?
  4. Jesse

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    A big welcome to Tony... I'm really glad to have him as a Guest Moderator on Tony is a welcome addition to our website!

    Tony, thanks for joining us... I think I finally fixed your sig...

    All GunandGame members please join me in a hearty welcome!

    Tony's is the owner and gunsmith for M&M Gunsmithing just south of Atlanta GA. I have a link to his website in the links section.

    Honored to have you!

  5. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Well, hearty hearty hearty hearty welcome! LOL I check your site later tonight dude
  6. gunsmith_tony

    gunsmith_tony Guest


    Thanks guys.
  7. Tony,

    If Jesse endorses ya then all I can say is welcome aboard and come by the ranch anytime for a brewsky and/or just to shoot the bull.

    If Jesse feels enough good about you then I guess ya gotta be good...fer sure.

    Once again, welcome and I am looking forward to your wisdom....gawd knows I need all the help I can get....fer sure....yepper.
  8. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Dale is wise in the ways. I really trust his wisdom.
  9. gunsmith_tony

    gunsmith_tony Guest

    I shall endeavor to be wise. ;)
  10. BattleRifleG3

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    I'm really happy to find a FAL expert. My friend suddenly wants one and I told them they can be built...

  11. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Oh man, that just sounded wise!
  12. PAPA G

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    welcome to the group!!!about time we get a real gunsmith here.:D
  13. guffster

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    Yea, good to have ya. Will be throwing some FAL questions at you I'm sure.
  14. gunsmith_tony

    gunsmith_tony Guest

    I'll be mor'n happy to help out any way I can.
  15. Tony Collins

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    Gunsmith Tony,
    Glad to see that you have come on to the GunandGame site, I see you alot on the Fal Files. Jesse told me about you, I had no idea that you were here in Atlanta. Anyway if there is anything I can do feel free to call me.
  16. gunsmith_tony

    gunsmith_tony Guest

    I'm glad to be on board.
  17. AR-tim

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    I think I found a new best friend.....I hopefully have my FN problems worked out in 2 weeks, other wise I'll be in here a lot. :)
  18. BigJake

    BigJake G&G Addict

    Big Tony, Big Jake here

    I have heard nothing but good things about you and Hopefully I can learn a few things from you, while we talk about our culture.
    I have a reciever that I am Building up with a parts kit. I am at the stopping point reguarding the Barell and headspacing,(Specialty tools and Special Skills I momentarially Lack.) I am looking foreward to shooting my first Fal.
    If I can possibly help you out in some way message me.

    Welcome Aboard........:D
  19. gunsmith_tony

    gunsmith_tony Guest

    Re: Big Tony, Big Jake here

    I'll be happy to help any way I can.