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Iowa's World Record 38 point Buck

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I don't know how many of you have heard about this but I think it gives us all hope.

"When 15-year-old hunter Tony Lovstuen of Albia pulled the trigger on a giant whitetail Sept. 29th, it sent shock waves through the deer-hunting world. After three years of near-legendary status, Iowa's "Walking World Record" buck had finally fallen. And you can learn all the details in this month's issue of Iowa Game & Fish magazine.

The monstrous trophy is the biggest buck ever from Iowa, as well as a new world record by muzzleloader. But most remarkably, this giant whitetail is also the highest-scoring buck ever killed by any hunter, anywhere! With a Boone and Crockett score of 319 4/8, its rack easily surpasses the score of any previous hunter-taken whitetail. The massive antlers include 38 scorable points.

I first saw this on the outdoor channel and they had the kid with the shoulder mount. I couldn't believe it. After the story was over they said that someone had broken into the kid's home and stole the trophy. My heart dropped. I feel so bad for the kid.
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The only problem is, now, any deer he gets in the future is just a deer no matter how big it is. Also, in the same TV show, the kid's dad found a shed set from the same buck.
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