Iran's president

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    I sure agree with you on the lack of American Leadership. On the Iran President, I think a mushroom cloud rising where his Palace used to be would be great. Then drop another on their oil fields to cut off their money supply.

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    That guy is a joke. Too bad our "leaders" aren't much better. :(
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  5. I agree, just 2 bombs end of Iran, only problum is that it would open a whole other can of worms. Every one with a nuke would start getting trigger happy. Countrys like North Korea would use any thing they could for an excuse to let there wimpy nuke loose, in turn we would send one. Then chances are that China would problulby defend N.Korea and send one of THIER nukes would get out of hand in a hurry.

    As far as for the President of Iran...... Arnt him and Obama like brothers? :thinking:
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    Why use a nuke? Iraq to the west, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east. Heck, we've almost got him surrounded anyway!!!
    Middle East - Google Maps
  7. Yes,

    we have a collective of politically correct leaders following the daily opinion polls.

    Iran's president can speak from the assurance he has the support of Russia from whom he purchased over one billion dollars in military upgrades and equipment.

    America's real problem with Iran comes from the fact that Russia has so many dollars in foreign reserves it could really hurt our nation by flooding the international market with these dollars.

    America (sadly) now has to view the world through the BRIC reality.
    BRIC is Brazil, Russia, India, and China. They have individually and collectively a lot of dollars plus a lot of international influence.
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    The guy's eyes are to close together, don"t trust him, freaking waterhead.