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  1. TexasT

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    Irish is no longer with us.

  2. Mad Hatter

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    Yup... probably Irish Murphy.... LOL...

    TexasT .. he's not ??
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  3. TexasT

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    Sorry, he's not dead, he was just banned from the site for some comments he made.
  4. Sorry to hear that.
  5. TexasT

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    Yeah, I thought he was a cool person, but inappropriate comments get you banned.
  6. Not suspended?
  7. Midas

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    Irish Murphy was a good guy, but his mouth got him into big trouble, if anyone would like to know the specifics, send me a PM
  8. TexasT

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    Depends on the severity of the statement.
  9. Big Dog

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    Well, he was warned a few times - once by me. Play by the rules, or take your lumps... :eek:wned2:
  10. Windwalker

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    Irish is a friend and I enjoyed his posts and the pics. of his country. I would ask for clemency and a suspension other than an outright ban. However, I DO NOT know the circumstances and WOULD NOT presume to second guess any moderators action. I am just asking for clemency for a friend.
  11. An Irish Aussie..............What a combination. Neither are known for their Tact & Diplomacy.
    Hopefully we haven't seen the end of him; he'll maybe be reincarnated under another moniker.
  12. TexasT

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    Haha, sorry to hear which part?

    Irish has always been cool to me and fun to talk to. Mebbe it's the bewbs....I'm sorry he had to leave like that.
  13. He's a more interesting mix than just an Irish Aussie, wunhunglo; he's also half Finnish.:)
  14. billy

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    he was one of my favorites.
    even if he is an irish/aussie/finn
  15. I too would like to see him return, we all get carried away one time or another and a reprimand sometimes is all thats needed.
    I went back and read his stats when I learned he was banned and could'nt find anything worthy to be banned over.

    With this said I have the greatest respect and appreciation for our Moderators
    I have trust and faith in there Judgement

    Matter of fact if I had the money, I would buy them a Birthday present everytime there Birthday rolled around !!!
  16. Seabeescotty

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    I'm sorry to hear that. Most Aussies I've met in my life were a mite profane, but never meant anything by it. They're some of the best people I ever met, while serving in the military, fight at the drop of a hat, and then buy you a beer! I'll really miss him, if this is permanent. His photos of Australia are fantastic, and a mirror of his love for his homeland. I always looked forward to his posts.
  17. tlarkin

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    Oh and the scotts are so much better? I know what a scottish kiss is.

  18. Good, you'll no be wanting one then?? See you Jimmy, its SCOTS, one T. Where I come from they call it a "Glasgow Kiss" and I have heard it referred to as a "Liverpool" or ""Scouse Kiss"".

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We've been writing the Book on "Scots Tact & Diplomacy" for the last 20 years, were hoping to get past the title some day soon!