Is $69.00 ok for mosin-nagant?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tonto, Jun 1, 2002.

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    Just got back from my favorite gun shop they got a mess of these russian babies in to sell. The one I am interested in I have already forgot its model, but it is short(carbine short) bolt with cosmoline all through it, what caught my eye is the folding bayonet. It had a date on it of 1946, another had 1945C.
    I think they were romanian made , the russian made ones were like double in costs. I am figuring they acquired a lot and maybe paid like 40-50.00 apiece collectivly. So good deal or just keep popping the centers out with my Swedish mauser??

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I like the Mauser better but thats a good deal, get one, what the heck.

  3. Stewart

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    Sounds like you were looking at an M-44, the price is in the range but you may want to look around depending on what you want. AIM had laminate stock Russian M-44s for the same price not that long ago. You may also want to try, and, if not $69.00 is not bad depending on condition.
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    $69. is an outstanding price for a dealer gun, sure the ads in SGN are better but by the time you ad shipping, transfer cost etc your right up there. go for it!!! can never have too many!!!
  5. $69.00 is good for an M44, if that's what it turns out to be, esspecialy for a dealer gun like PAPA G mentioned, go for it they're awsome guns to shoot esspecialy with that fire ball in broad day light!!! you gotta love that!!
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    I will also semi-echo what everyone has already said. It sounds like you looked at a barrel full of M44's and if they are in Near Mint Condition, that's a good price.

    I tend to be a real hard-*** on M44's, not because I dont like them......I DO! I love them but I only buy guns in "Like New/Unissued Condition". Since such M44's only cost $75 or about $100 even with all the transfer fees, taxes & shipping, I would urge you to consider that option should the guns at this shop be anything less than perfect.

    It seems to me from what I see at shops and shows that local sellers buy-up the scores of cheap "well used if not abused" M44's and offer them for the same price.

    It is of course your call but my advice is always to buy the best quality you can afford and in terms of M44's they can be obtained in literally mint condition for only $20-$30 more than what you are quoting. Ay any rate, the M44 is a great gun!
  7. I just came home with another M44 today. The dealer puts them on sale every three weeks for $49. They are all boxed from Century Arms. I'm not so sure the guy behind the counter was too happy with me because I opened a half a dozen boxes before I found a really nice one. Its Hungarian and has all matching numbers. Its not soaked in cosmoline like my last one was and I dont think I'll refinish this one except maybe some touch up blueng. Two months ago I couldnt even say Mosin-Nagant---now I have 4 of them. My 1945 unissued Russian was $200 but came with the sling, oil bottles, etc. The $49 ones shoot almost as good and make just as much noise!
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    Thanks guys

    Yes I will get my tail down there and pick out the best one for the cash. Anyone i have talked to raves about the blast and fire ball, the dealer raved over the kick and report. So reckon i had better get down there now before the last is gone. i did notice some scarring on the stock, but what the hell for 70.00! it looks mean just sittting there with a folding bayonet, and ammo is cheeeeeappp! Thanks looks like the gun vault just got a little tighter.