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Is Email Private? 4TH amendment under attack

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SPOCAHP ANAR, May 30, 2002.


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    The FBI wants approval to go into computers and search them while a person is online. This is a dangerous attack on our 4th amend. rights against unreasonable search and seizure. I don't think this will ever make it through congress, but who knows.

    On the other topic Email! Is Email private? I think so . Some would argue that its not private because anyone with a computer can access it and read it, bc everything online is out in the open. I disagree. The only way a person can read my email is if they have my PW or if they are tech support and have access to the server, or if they hack the system and read/intercept my email. I am unsure if hacking is illegal but believe it is. Most of the small time hacking is not procesecuted due to the cost/damage ratio. Sorta why police do not actively investigate who stole your car stereo (not worth their time).

    I will counter this argument by saying Email is no more accessible than your telephone or your snail mail. When I call you; my call is routed to the switchboard and then to your phone. If I work for the phone company I can hook in and listen to your call. I can even go to the box outside your house and tap into your line. This is illegal except for maitenance purposes. When you write a letter it goes in your box and then to the PO and then to the recipient. At any time I, or a postal employee, can take your letter out of the box or mail cart and open it and read it. This too is illegal. (I think packages can be opened for examination if something is suspected ie a ticking bomb or an odor etc...) In both cases a warrant is needed.

    So why is Email different? Is it because Email isn't really tangible until its printed? Who knows. But once again the "I don't really care bc I don't have anything to hide" idiots come out of the woodwork supporting this crap.

    What are your thoughts on the Empirial Federal Government's latest crusade against the constitutional rights of its citizens?
  2. Mr. Phacopsrana I agree with you in part, but If they don't get permission are they going to do it anyway? I don't think e mail is as secure as most people think. Do you remember the E chip, its purpose was to allow the federal government to access information passed on through our personal computers. What ever happened to that idea, is the chip in our computers, I don't know. This all stems from more security at the loss of freedom.--Hence my signature. Just one more thought, the things we talk about on this forum are they going to come back and bite us in the rear end. I'm not trying to sound paranoid, but the freedoms we have now may not be there in a few years. Hey just my thoughts. Thank you.

  3. One more thought--I'm watching CNN as I'm typing this--cyber spying bothers me.--How about you guys??? I guess thats the price we pay for the comforts of technology...
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    its a total invasion of privacy but anything on the web is open to be grabbed. What I would suggest is for everyone on here to get a piece of free software called zone alarm it is a free firewall which will protect your pc from outside sources operating your system. It will also tell you when someone tries to access your system.
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    I rember this argument about employeers reading your e-mail a year or so ago and it was declared legal if you sent the e-mail from work...its their time/equiptment if I rember correct. I also seen the new FBI rules....Guess if we see the handle Agent of BATF-Lips we will know we are being watched....My attitude is go for it. I figure with the nuber of firearms I own I should get a free BATF or FBI agent to watch my house...better than a burgler alarm. :)