Is it .913 = MOA or

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    Is it .913 = MOA or .913 minus .308 = MOA? Or half of either because it is at 200 yards.
    5 rounds, .308 caliber, fired at 200 yards and measured from center to center at .913 inches comes out to what MOA? I know that I shouldn't have to ask, but it dawns on me I really don't know how to figure it.
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    1.1 inches @ one hundred yards measured center to center = MOA

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    1.0471 inches is one minute of angle at 100 yds. Twice that for 200 yds... Thus .913/2.094 = .436 MOA Your group is less than half minute of angle.
    Yes the accepted measurement is CTC (center to center)
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    .913 is my competitors #.I get tne bigger #. sam.
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