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    My Tapco g2 trigger pivot pin seems to want to work out of place. Which spring acts as the retainer to hold it in? The braided hammer spring or the spring that holds the hammer pivot pin in place and hooks to the safty lever (which seems physically impossible because it looks too short). Would it be wrong ,as a precuation, to tap the trigger pivot pin for a small skrew with flat washer to hold it place? Maybe just some Lock-Tite might do it. Any suggestions? Maybe I should just leave it alone since is has'nt actually fallen out.......yet.
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    You can do as you please. I don't think its a problem.

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    Your gun, your rules! If it won't stay in place, make it stay!
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    thanks for suggestions..but I kept it simple. Just put in a hair-pin shaped keeper in the groove. Some thing went in that groove to keep it all together. Probably lost it when everthing fell apart when I inadvertently raised the safty lever up to far with the cover off.
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    There is a "shepherds hook" that holds everything in place. Here's a bad diagram of how it should be installed. There is also a plate that replaces the hook and is much easier to install. Cope's Distributing

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