Is it intentional, is it a ploy?

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    In his column in the latest American Rifleman, Ron Scheitz presents an interesting perspective. Basically, he says that the general tone of the mass market news which holds that there is going to be a large number of incumbents losing their jobs in November will cause many who want to “throw the bums out” to figure it’s a done deal and stay home, opting to not participate in the upcoming elections. By so doing, the apathy of a complacent electorate will allow the incumbents to stay in office.

    Somewhat locally, a friend of mine who writes a column for Dix publications, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, sees kind of the same attitude among the Democrats. Bill Clinton, among other national big name Dems, was here recently stumping for the Governor and Attorney General specifically and everyone in general. The speeches given were generally pleading for another two years to show that their plans are working. Clinton even was quoted as saying that – give us two more years and then if you aren’t happy vote us out.

    All of which leads me to some questions for you guys:

    1) Do you think the Democrats are trying to make some gains by playing the underdogs in the upcoming elections? Americans typically root for the underdog in most any type of contest, so is this a ploy on their part?

    2) Do you think the media types are doing the same thing, trying to sway public opinion by reverse psychology?

    3) If you answered yes to both of those, do you think there is some intentional collusion between them or is it just coincidence?

    4) Are you planning to vote, to get involved in local campaigns, to participate in government of the people, by the people, for the people?
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    Perhaps they are, to some extent. They are also playing a variation of McCain's failed ploy, "I'm not Bush." Their version is, "We're not the Republicans, they'll do worse than we have."

    Pat Oliphant's cartoon for today (9/22/2010) shows a guy with a huge teapot that has a teabag label hanging out of it reading "Fine Gibberish Tea" that he is pouring into a funnel stuck in the mouth of an unshaven pudgy guy in a lawn chair. He's saying, "Ready?" and the guy in the chair is saying, "What I wanted was a shot and a beer, but what the hell." Meanwhile, a GOP elephant is walking away thinking, "Space.. I need space..." and Obama is standing off to the other side saying, "But wait - I hear a speech coming on. A speech of lofty intent and towering import..."

    Even granting that Oliphant is a Democratic Party lapdog who is not going to paint the Tea Party or the American people (whom he consistently portrays as the Great Unwashed) favorably, he did catch three important points that will impact the upcoming election:

    1. The American people are ready to imbibe the Tea Party's brew of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and "Throw the bums out!";

    2. The mainstream Republicans are trying to separate themselves from the Tea Party supporters, who are mainly fed-up Republicans; and

    3. The American people are not listening to Obama's highfalutin' leftist bullshit any more. They have had enough of it and want results, not more smoke blown up their asses.

    It's a big gamble for both parties. The Democrats, by all historical patterns and by the inferences of more or less centrist columnists and surveys, look to be on the receiving end of a major whomping at the ballot box come November 2nd. That's why they are playing the underdog card now. However, I don't think the American people will forget for one moment that it's the Democrats who have been driving the fiscal bus for the past two years, that it's the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives that proposes all the spending bills, and that it is a Democratic president who has drive the National Debt higher than at any time in our history, even during World War II when adjusted to constant dollars. I don't think they will forget that it's a Democratic president who presided over the bailout of the big banks, the auto industry and Wall Street while doing nothing to help the ordinary citizens. I don't think they will forget that it is a Democratic president who promised that a gigantic stimulus package which would create jobs as done nothing of the kind. And I think that they won't forget that a Democratic president declared the recession to be over based on Dow-Jones numbers while actual unemployment in this country approaches Great Depression levels, families are being foreclosed on at a rate unprecedented in this country even during the Great Depression, no new jobs are being created to replace the ones that were outsourced thanks to the global economy said Democratic president has enthusiastically embraced, and that a Democratic president wants to raise their taxes at a time when they are having difficulty meeting their bills with dollars said Democratic president has done his best to devalue.

    And yes, I think the Democrats' media lapdogs are doing their best to aid and abet the Obamist con artistry. I won't go so far as to say they are engaged in collusion with the Obama White House, but I don't find it coincidental that the only media outlets that are treating the Tea Party types with anything like an even hand are controlled by conservative ideals.
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    I think many incumbents from both party will lose. A few Tea Baggers and other 3rd party candidates will get elected and probably the watered down republican party will come out of it even weaker than before. All the 3rd party candidates elected who do not play the 'washington game' will be relegated to a position of insignificance in the capitol hill pecking order.
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    I don't believe it really matters much who stays and who goes.
    If the Republicans stay we may have a few more wars,if the Democrats stay we may have a few more give aways,either way the puppet masters and big business will win and we will loose even more due to riseing prices on BS cars,food,insurance,fuel,and the horrendious waste in public education.
    Yet another crock,the more things change the more they stay the same.
    History always repeats it self because man never learns that he always out smarts his stupid self.
    Like the scorpion that stung the frog that was giveing him a ride across the river.When the frog asked why he did that because it will cause them both to drown the scorpion said,"It's just in my nature."
    It will never change because the createor gave us free will to make choices,good or bad.
    Do ya' hear that band playin'?
    (Think of the titanic as an example.)