Is it real or is it memorex ????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by gunner, Apr 12, 2002.

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    I'm not much of a Krag guy but have always wanted one, now that I can actually afford one I'm keeping my eyes open but have seen few worth the money. I really would like a carbine but how do you know if it's real or a cut down ?? Some of the cut downs are pretty well done. Also, what would you guys figure is a decent price for a carbine given it's in pretty good shape ? Thanks !
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    finding 'em and what do they cost

    first, here's hoping for good luck in finding one! i literally stumbled into my 98 carbine, i just happened to be in a shop when a guy walked in with an armload of guns to sell. i shoulda bought the winchester 10 ga. lver action too! i found one rifle prior to that in pretty bad shape and another rifle since that was BADLY chopped up and missing many, many parts. watch the classifieds, in all their forms including electronic. have heard reports of some on e-bay, but never looked into it. the price? well, the junker was 70 bucks but would need hundreds to make into a shooter, the other was one seventy five, but i still wonder if it is worth it.

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    A Krag newbie looking for a carbine makes me nervous (mainly because I've been there). Real easy to get taken to the cleaners! The best thing to do is buy Mallory's book and study it. Brophy's book is also available, but other than the pictures just isn't real helpful.
    Also check out for photos and some information.

    A real carbine will have a 22" barrel, with the front sight base brazed into a small dovetail in the top of the barrel. Look closely at this dovetail and also the crown on the muzzle using a magnifying glass. It would take a real knowledgeable craftsman to get a "cut down" barrel just right. Carbine sights, both front and rear, have at least one small "c" stamped into them, but be aware that there are some rifle sights that have been remarked in an attempt to turn them into carbine sights. '96 carbines generally fall into specific serial number blocks, '98 carbines are the most rare, and riskiest to buy; and all Model 1899 Krags were carbines, so are the easiest to find. Also check things like cartouche date, stock forend, saddle ring and etc.

    That's a few of the things to look for. Perhaps a real Krag expert like Col. Mook could be persuaded to weigh in with more advice.
    Hal Beatty
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    Sincerely appreciate the info Hal, particularly the concern for a Krag "newbie". I have not had much Krag exposure and won't go off half cocked without doing my homework, and you guys are a big help. What got me thinking about Krags again (been doing M1's lately) is that I saw one at our local 'Corps' shop, run by a retired, old, opinionated Marine SOB and it looks good, almost too good. His price tag was 295.00 before any bickering, and he can bicker with the best of them. I almost bought it because I liked the look, might still. Just trying to figure it out before hand. I've got a good handle on the M1's and verifying authenticity so I know some folks have no scruples when it comes to faking something.

    Thanks again, Dave