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‘Senselessly murdered’: 3-year-old’s death linked to disputes among teens, police say (
"Statistical Area ranked as 27th most dangerous out of 338 metro areas. "
Charlotte, NC is a place I have only driven through, I know nothing about it. except there are more than 1,000,000 people and a population density of about 2,500 people per mile, it matters--
"Since 2017, CMPD has reported nearly 15,000 crimes involving a gun, according to an Observer analysis. They include everything from aggravated assaults (4,866) and robberies (4,613) to weapon law violations (2,206) and drug violations (1,524)."
"Police reported more than 1,700 gun crimes so far this year" Anybody seeing a pattern here.

A side note, Charlotte has become radically Democratic since 2017.

Last year. NC city approves $770,000 funding cut for police force | Charlotte Observer
Charlotte Defunds Chemical Agents Used by Police (
And the list is very long.

How is that defunding workin "

And how many of those 17,000 gun crimes have put the shooter in jail? It matters. Everybody knows what a post turtle is right? A post turtle is a turtle that is found on top of a post, but no one can explain how it got there, except the turtle and the turtle ain't talking. These Democratic leaders act like they have no clue how these shootings happen but think taking away aw enforcement is the solution. Deductive reasoning tells you if you are having an epidemic of post turtles you need to either get rid of the posts or the turtles/ So getting rid of the police...... that is some great logic right there. There will be a new call to ban guns in a couple days ....

Vertebrate Reptile Nature Organism Turtle

There are

Wonderment :)
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RetiredFreedomfighter: Sir; I live inside the city. (Said it before)
You are correct
From the inside! Our local news is very good “sharing”. Our mayor (female-democrat)
Hasnt interfered (overtly) with our police. Yes. He’s dark skinned. Yes; he seems to be trying.

we have 10 neighborhoods that are out of order. Yes; color matters.
Heathens-ignorant-drugs prevail.
Charlotte hasn’t turned woke “yet”. Hopefully never.

The “heathen” neighborhood is approximately 5 miles x 3 miles.
several smaller neighborhoods

we as Charlotte dwellers haven’t reach fear levels.

Maybe. We’ve grown to accept
if so. I’m sad.

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Retired freedom fighter. Have you ever heard of the book COPS by Mark Baker? I found a copy of his other book NAM in glove box of patrol car some one had left there. Best book I have ever read in my life. I could really relate to it. Both books are loaded with stories with vets and cops.
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