Is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Doing His Job Too Well?

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    Ariz. Sheriff Accuses Gov. of 'Dirty Politics' for Ending Illegal Immigration Contract

    PHOENIX — Gov. Janet Napolitano ordered the state to end an anti-illegal immigration contract with a high-profile sheriff Tuesday so she can pay for a larger effort to track down thousands of felons around Arizona.
    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Tuesday criticized the governor's decision as a maneuver to thwart his efforts against Illegal immigrants.

    "Dirty politics are at work right now," Arpaio said at a news conference. - Ariz. Sheriff Accuses Gov. of 'Dirty Politics' for Ending Illegal Immigration Contract - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
  2. Who is surprised about this action ? It seems every form or branch of Goverment in the U.S is Pro Illegals !
    Remind these bastids come re-election time and then vote them out.
    It's our money there spending wrongfully on these wet backs !

  3. Yeah... he's getting "railroaded..."

    Hell, I'd assist in funding efforts to get these illegals out of our country, even if those in our own Govt. who would and are benefiting from illegal immigration would not.

    What ever happened to right(legal) vs. wrong(illegal)?

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    That is pure, political BS! Leave the man alone, and he will get something done. But for some reason, the pro illegals are coming right out in the open with their agenda, now. The only way to combat them, is to vote 'em out!!!
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  6. He's just doing his job...corectly. Having been in the corrections industry for 20 years, I now work in the Sheriff's Office. The "unserved warrant" issue is the same everywhere. Maricopa has the highest population... any wonder why they have the most outstanding warrants? I have seen time and time again knuckleheads brought to jail for rather serious crimes only to be released by INS if they were illegals.

    Part of my job now is fingerprinting individuals if they were served with a Final Restraining Order. In New Jerser to get an FRO granted, you must have committed an act of Domestic Violence. can be anything from stalking/harrassment to Aggravated Assault.
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    I can remember when the state of AZ was a conservative state,wow 28 years later and look at the mess?????????????????
  8. He's just doing his job..cont

    10% of the kreptards are illegal and INS does not do any thing with them, They don't even want to know that they are here. " We have too much work as it is. If you go to most any farm in my area in a certain town you'll find a group of Mexicans that live there permanently. In the summer you take your life in your hands walking in town at night.(I pack my Kimber 45 instead of my Glock 26) If they are drinking it's even worse. I have first hand experience with too many knife fights on the farms if they have been drinking. I understand the farmers position that they need them for labor, (and they doo work hard) but if they can't hold their booze the send them home. If they show up again put them in a consentration camp just like we did with the Japanese Americans during WWII, except that these kreptards are illeagles
  9. This is redicules !!! And a slap in every American citicens face !!! This kinda of chit is consumming me.
    Soon you'll here that it will ruin the economy if they were to deport all the Illegals.

    Well if it does it there fault for allowing them to intigrate into our system.
    Makes me wanna PUKE !!! LOL
  10. a kreptard is similiar to being a Son-of-a-Seacook!
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    You know...I still can't find any evidence he's violating any of their civil rights in these roundups. It comes up every so, but nothing ever sticks. We already covered the basic fairness of the numbers in a previous thread and frankly, statistically, it doesn't seem as if he's targeting anyone unfairly.

    59,000 unserved felony warrants is a cause for concern, though...but I wonder how many are violent felonies?

    And could someone who knows about this please explain how a contract with a sheriff's office works? What exactly didn't get renewed here?

    - Coeloptera
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    Sheriff Joe not only tells it like it is, he does it like it should be done.
  13. Hell, I'd vote for Sheriff Joe as President before any of the current candidates...
  14. I think it's just Sheriff Joe's latest grandstanding. The tent prisons, road crews and pink uniforms weren't getting him enough attention anymore, and he's an incurable publicity hound.

    I have no respect at all for a man who actually brags about spending more to feed his dogs than he does to feed human beings in his custody. Not coddling criminals is one thing, but it's bs to be proud of mistreating them.
  15. ... what about the victims that the criminals mistreated? Why should society (all of us) have to pay for the criminals to have cable television and air conditioning?

    Like anything, if you make it a nice place to be, people will come. IF prison were a nice place, wouldn't someone down on their luck do what it takes to get there? Every interview I've seen of an inmate in Joe's prison emphatically state they never want to go back there. This is what prison should be.

    I believe that they are getting what the deserve. I'd call out a politician in a heartbeat...
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    Troy....Respectfully speaking...gimme' a break! Maybe he feeds his dogs table food, instead of sandwiches? Many people spend high dollars on special food for their pets. I have said this before... Jail is not designed for resturant type food nor hotel type sleeping quarters. If one is offended with the incarcerated conditions, they are solely responsible for and placed themselves into.. "Don't break the law, pure and simple". If one spent any time working the turn-key (jailer) in a county jail, or ever been in the law enforcement field, and went one on one with some of these criminals, or thanked his or her police vests, for stopping a bullet or knife blade from taking their lives... I believe other conclusions about what Joe is doing, would certainly come to light. Keep in mind, there are previously convicted felons, with long histories of violence in many inmate backgrounds, that are in county jails. The.... I feed my dog better, living in tents, pink clothing, road crews, and...."mistreating them"... issue.............doesn't fly for me or any other law abiding citizen, who is concerned about our deteriorating society for law and order, I would think? I give you the last words on this issue. After all, you are also entitled to your opinion, too.:)
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    Inmates in this country have better facilities than our sons and daughters in uniform, and have had for a long time. In some countries of the world, illegal entry can get you shot on sight or beheaded; perhaps after a few hours of torture.
    How many can remember the scenes of the Berlin Wall where people were shot and killed trying, not to enter, but to leave East Germany?
    Illegal is illegal, period. They are not just "illegal aliens", they are invaders and are not entitled to the same rights as US citizens. If a half million Americans snuck across the border into Mexico, taking jobs and property, we'd be at war....again.
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  18. Did I say it should be made a "nice place?" No.

    But there's a difference between not coddling or entertaining people, and mistreating them. I'm sorry: call me a bleeding-heart liberal if you want to, but I believe deliberately abusing prisoners dirties our whole system.

    You might want to back off a little on people "getting what they deserve." In the first place, most of the people being mistreated aren't hardened criminals; they're petty offenders doing time for such crimes as being drunk in public, or failing to buy auto insurance or pay a traffic ticket because they're out of work. I don't think those crimes cry out for inhumane punishment. And remember: "if each man received his just desserts, we would assuredly all hang."

    Sheriff Joe's been in charge for a long time now. If his treatment of prisoners did any good, I'd expect to be seeing the crime rate and recidivism rate both going down, particularly compared with other counties in the same state. It hasn't happened; all he's accomplished is to entertain people like you.

  19. Now... we were having a good conversation and you had to throw daggers?

    #1. You are correct, he should not be bragging about treating his dogs better. At least his dogs aren't criminals.

    #2. IF someone is in jail, there is a pretty good chance that they are there for a reason, called breaking the law. Why should we pay for their comforts? I'm sure that there are people there that deserve jail... not those who forgot to pay A ticket or purchase auto insurance. Last I checked, you didn't go to jail for that. How many of us have been drunk in public? Did we go to jail for it?

    #3. To entertain people like me? Um, no.

    #4. Wearing pink is inhumane? Good God... certain persuasions would cry foul!

    #5. I personally feel prison should be a place you never want to go back to. To make it a nice place with three square meals, a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in at night, access to a college degree, etc. is a homeless man's dream. Why shouldn't he commit a crime to get that kind of treatment? In doing so, we foster more and more criminals.

    Check these out Troy2k ...
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