is pepsi anti gun

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Tracer, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    I was checking on the NRA site and didn't see pepsi on it.I have heard they are.. anyone have a link for me?not that it matters I drink water and ice tea.but just courious.

    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Back in the early 90's I heard they were but cannot provide anything to prove it.

  3. Kaybe

    Kaybe G&G Evangelist

    Pepsi gives money to a great deal of liberal organizations. I still drink Diet Mt Dew, but hate the politics of what they are doing.
  4. Tracer

    Tracer G&G Aussie Dad

    so they're on the fence?
  5. Sarge

    Sarge G&G Enthusiast

    Not aware that Pepsi is anti-gun, But coke sure is. Last I knew they were on the NRA list. I believe mcdonalds is too, at least they should be. Before the guy who started mcd's died the company gave large $$$ contributions to hand gun control.
  6. killsnapz

    killsnapz G&G Evangelist

    Glad to hear Mc Donalds is on the list. I have not eaten a meal from there in 10 years. Most of their food makes me sick to my stomach but now I have two great reasons to never eat there. I can't drink soda either due to a bad stomach so I'm good there too! Just doing my part to keep money out of the hands of the anti-gunners!