Is the 9mm dead and the .40 its replacement?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by killer, May 24, 2008.

  1. killer

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    The .40 was not on the market when I got my 9mm. You guys/gals feel the .40 is better?

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    I don't think the 9mm is dead or will be for a long long time if ever. I like the .40 and own one but I own several 9mm and like them better. For some reason I can shoot the 9mm a lot better. Lets face it, if you can't hit your target it really don't matter what caliber it is.

  3. I've owned both, currently own a .40 and a .357 Sig.

    My thought is... if you shoot an enemy twice in the chest and once in the head, is he gonna care what caliber it is? That enemy is not going to be any more dead with any other caliber...

    It's all in personal choice of weapon size and controllability.

    Secondly, the 9mm is a NATO cartridge, not going away any time soon. Bullet technology is making leaps and bounds over what it used to be, making 9mm rounds as lethal as most else in their company. While I see the desire of the US Military to head away from the 9mm, I just don't see it happening anytime soon.
  4. billy

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    not in my lifetime.
  5. The .40 is a hotter round. It has more kick, is louder and has more muzzel flash than a 9 mm. As I understand it, the .40 is popular in the US but the 9 mm is 'the caliber' everywhere else. I talk to a lot of Military shooters. I encourage them to buy a 9mm because if they go overseas ammo will be available. I've shot both calibers and as a shooting round the 9 mm is more enjoyable.
  6. TXplt

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    Have 9mm and 45. 9 mil will be around for quite a while. Great w/high performance ammo. 40's fine too.
  7. DWFan

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    The 9mm will last quite a while yet. The .38 Special didn't "die" when the .357 Mag was introduced. The .357 SIG is, after all, another 9mm; just based on a different case. With so many versions of the 9mm, it does get confusing though.
    I have always been kinda curious why the .357 SIG was so readily accepted when the .38-45 Safe-Stop/Clerke never got off the ground.
  8. No, the 9mm will never die. The 9mm has great stopping power with the right ammo, like Federal 9mm 147 gr. Hydro-shock+P, and many others.
    It's also inexpensive to practice with, and one of the worlds most popular cartilages.

    Killer, how do you like your Taurus PT92, and how long have you owned it? I brought one myself last year, it has been reliable and fun to shoot.
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  9. squirrelblaster

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    no, i love my 9mms and the 9s not going anywhere anytime soon, plus its a lot cheaperto shoot than the 40.
  10. Yes

    Personally, I do feel the .40 is better than the 9mm although the 9mm will have its place in the market for a very long time as it is a major caliber on both the U.S. and international market. So, to say it is dead is a bit premature.
  11. killer

    killer G&G Newbie least 12 years possibly 15 years. It kind of got delegated as the first floor protection against zombie attack. I don't think I've fired anything but ball ammo which is fair to poor for accuracy.

    I'm kind of thinking about reloading for it and see what it can really do.

    The most fun I had with it was "cliff pig" (groundhog) hunting along the Mississippi river bluffs. We would walk the railroad tracks and if we kicked one up as it scrambled for it's hole my buddy and I would unload a clip at them. A hit would generally cause the "cliff pig" to tumble down to us, sometimes right at our feet.
  12. lefty o

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    the 9mm will be here forever, however i have 3 40's, and 2 9's. i greatly prefer the 40.
  13. HEMI

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    The 9 is a great round the only knock it has against it is that you have to hunt a little for really good self defence rounds. Check out STOPPING POWER by Evan Marshall there is a lot of good info there and quit a few excellent 9mm loads he recommends.
    The 40 doesn't have too many bad loads for self defence, thats the differance
  14. fireguy86

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    The 9mm will never die. I am a firm believer that there is nothing better than a .40 for defense whether it be ccw or on the job carry. The 9mm will always have its place in history as a great carry weapon that is still the main weapon in some departments. Especially in the MP5 carried by most SWAT and TAC Teams. Cheapness in shooting 9mm will always make it a great plinking round.
  15. LiveToShoot

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    I've got both, and I enjoy reloading for and shooting both...

    They're both effective for what they have to offer.

    I remember a similar concern when the 9mm was picked as the new military pistol, and all the talk about it replacing the 45 ACP.
  16. Arkansas Smith

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    Not in my house and it never will be. I shoot the 9 way better than any of the larger calibers.
  17. Turbo

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    I guess ya hadn't heard about the three different types of pistol chambered in .40 sitting at MARCORSYSCOM then? But yeah it will be a while.

    IMHO going from 9mm to .40 solves a nonexistent problem for the military.