Is the Media losing it?

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    Why was there little coverage of the 20 or so militia arrested and the conspiracy they had to draw attention from the federal government.
    I saw a part of the newscast when it first happened but didn't know any details ( I though tit was terrorist related you know muslim). I also missed it on the evening news. I wasn't until a day or two later that I got to read all the details of it who it was and the reasons for the plan.

    After I saw the whole thing I was amazed at how little the Media pandered to it. I mean this was a perfect example for them to say "That's why we do not need Guns in America". But zip nada bumpkiss. Just like any other news story blah blah blah and next Joe has weather.

    Anyone have any ideas for this change of heart. I wonder if it has anything to do with maybe the Clinton admin had a lot of influence in getting stories like these overplayed for political reasons.
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    I, and I suppose the majority of the people here, have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps if you were a little less vague ...


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    It was out west somewhere and the plan was to assassinate enough cops and judges to get the attention of the national guard and then begin to target them enough to get the federal government to take notice. This happened about 3 weeks ago i think. Im not sure of the state but it was out west wyoming maybe? I didn't get a whole lot of airplay here. (nc)
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    Yes, I heard about that. Seems these guys having been watching too many Rambo movies. If they think they can go heads up with a Military Unit and all the support the Government would have at their disposal all I have to say is GOOD LUCK AND GOODBYE! So far from what I have seen on TV (I do not personally know anyone in a militia, unless we the people are a militia) these guys think they can take their big old 50 caliber and knock out armored vehicles. Maybe possible, but so much smoke would be brought on them that they would be taking their underwear off to make white flags. If they can find any clean ones. Just another bunch of nuts!!!
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    I didint now thay ever had it:confused:
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    Media did Great in Afgha

    Hi Phacopsrana
    I praised the Media a lot. All of them, did a good job in covering the war in afgha. I meant, taking lot of shots of big billowed black smoke from the hill and over the mountain. How boring? Looking over these black smokes each day. I think they better packed their stuffs and find a new career. I could not believe how much they were controlled by somebody - the war freak People.
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  7. The Media needed controlling

    Howdy Superbee,

    The war freak people, your words not mine" needed to control the media. I am not trying to pick a fight here, so please don't take this as that.

    Does anyone here remember the nightime raids in Somalia? Specifically the beach landings? I know someone who was in the invasion force. Their lives were all threatened because of the media. At one point the moron reporters and camera crews turned on the camera flood lights to film the landing marines on the beach!!!!

    Why not set up a neon sign saying, "American covert invasion force, aim your crosshairs over here!"

    The fact is the media will report everything and anything they so choose, thereby jeapordizing many many lives. They flat out need controlling.

    Look to the Malvo and Mohammed murder spree. The first thing the media did is release confidential information under the guise of the publics right to know. They gave information right to the snipers themselves!

    We do have a right to know, and we do have a right to the truth, but to alow the pack of jackals we call the media free access is dooming many lives and threatening the war effort. If the media was left to their own we'd see newscasts lead off with, "Pres Bush today issued an order for the 3rd Calvary and the first and third Armies to attack Iraq from the south early tomorrow morning and push on to Bhagdad."

    They would do it and you know it.

    That is why I am all in favor of releasing information in a controlled fashion to the media. And the ones who decide this should be the "War Freaks," as you put it.

    Didja ever hear the saying, "Loose lips sink ships?"
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    If you guys have any links on this news story I would like to see it. I haven't heard a word of what you're talking about.