Is the PT-911 Unpopular?

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  1. I bought one 6 months ago, had to special order it because they weren't carried by the gunshop, and I can't find any reviews on it. Everybody yaks up the PT-92, 24/7, etc., but nothing about the more compact 911. What's up with that?

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    Ummmm? Because It's a Taurus!

    Honestly TF, most if not all of Taurus products are simply poorly done knock offs of other higher grade guns.
    In the case of the model PT911 I see the firearm mostly compared in the Beretta Px4 which is no way a close comparison but I see it asked on many forums which is better.
    In all cases folks say choose the Beretta Px4 even tho it's a bit more expensive.

  3. Thanks, I'll let you know when it blows up.....or even jams.
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    I have never owned or shot the PT-911 but I have owned and shot several other models and they were very good shooters. Sorry I can't give you more info. on the PT-911.
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    +1 me too.......

    My model 85 was more accurate than my 340 PD, and had a better trigger.....
    My judges are great
    My 4" Taurus 357 is smooth, tough, and accurate.
    Pretty darn good for "poorly done knock offs"
    I say,

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    I have a P911 and it is a fine pistol for the money. I wonder why someone even joins a forum if they want to promote another brand. I think Berreatttttta is way the heck over rated.
  7. I think they're about the best looking handgun made, nice lines, perfect size. PT-92's are great but they're BIG. Guns that get much smaller than the 911 start getting harder to shoot well. The minute I saw one I thought it was the ideal balance between size and performance in a high capacity nine.
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    Monte and I have been in the gun business for years and I agree with Him 100%...(Yeah everybody Knows I hate Taurus Guns and the sucky service they jerk you around with !)
    The ONLY good thing about Taurus Guns is They make Me a Lot of Money when I can get parts to fix em...LOL
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    So, what's the Judge a knock off of ?

    I've had no problems with them. They're accurate and dependable and **** fine shooters.

    I'll say it again, TAURUS ROCKS !

  10. Like a broken record. Yes, we're all sure that you make tons of money fixing guns that have a lifetime warranty.


    You folks that get ugly on a certain brand...make belonging to a forum not so nice!!!!!!!! Why not stay on a forum for a gun you "think" is your kind of gun??? Why are you commenting at all ???

  12. They're just trolling.


    Yep...with 4 lb test line too!
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    I doubt Moose is trolling. Maybe the Taurus guns just don't last long in the cold weather way up North :34:

    Only time will tell if my PT 1911 is going to be truly reliable, but based on what i've seen so far it has been 100%, and i've probably shot it more than an average joe who buys a gun for self defense will ever shoot it.

    The gun pictured shure is a purdy little thing. Kinda 1911 looking but more compact. I definitely like it and wouldn't hesitate to buy one.

  15. What he's doing fits right into the definition of a troll
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    Over saturization of the market
  17. For me the real question is what is the difference between the Beretta and the Taurus. It is all in the head.
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    Most Taurus handguns are knock offs, but in general, they are improved knock offs, with better fit and finish than the originals, and better ergonomics. I'd like to see response to all the knock-offs of the 1911, at least 20 different manufacturers have made copies of it, do they criticize Kimber? I've found some gun shop owners will criticize anything they don't have a heavy margin on, just like the snobs they sell to. I had fun when my rich buddy shot my PT145, weighing a little more than half of what his Gold Cup did and holding 3 more rounds, he said he hit better with my PT145 and mine was 1/4th what he had paid. He said he liked it better than his gold cup. Certainly a lot better for concealed carry, he didn't offer to trade even though. The Taurus handguns are very good and absolutely the best value of any handgun on the market. The Taurus 1911, yes a knock-off, like the Kimbers, are getting out of the Box, rave reviews from all shooters (honest non-snobby ones) who try them. Most forums liken the $549.00 gun to any they would pay over a $1,000.00 in any other brand.
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    You will hear me knock Kimbers in person. I just don't try to talk to people who have one on the boards because any criticism falls on deaf ears. Kimber owners seem to be in some exclusive club that they can't see outside of.

    TaurusFan asked if the Taurus PT-911 was unpopular. He got his response, although not what he wanted to hear and geared towards all Tuarus's and their counterparts.

    I personally have a love/hate relationship with Taurus. After the sore disappointment their 24/7 pro turned out to be, I will never, in the foreseeable future, spend money on another auto from them. Moose surely gets a lot of business from Taurus owners who have tried to deal with their LOUSY service department and realized it is much easier just to take it to a smith. When I talked to them they assured me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my 24/7. Apparently it is supposed to fail to feed every 5'th round, and will only work properly if cleaned between magazines. Absolutely useless.

    However, I have a revolver based on the old Smith Model 10 that shoots just as well as the model 10 it sits next to. My girlfriend actually prefers the Taurus knockoff to the Smith. If that isn't advertising for Taurus I don't know what is. She loves that little revolver.

    the -911 isn't unpopular to taurus owners I think. It seems to just be nothing special either way and tends to get overlooked. Kind of like the star model b's. Nice little inexpensive shooters, but a lot of people would never know what you were talking about.
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    I have not had any experience with the PT-911, so I won't comment on it either way. I did own a PT-945 - it was a very nice looking pistol, but was not accurate at all. The only jam I ever had was with an aftermarket Promag - I promptly threw it away. No more jamming problems, but did I mention that the accuracy was very BAD. Now for the second part of the story - I was at the range and the guy next to me was shooting a PT-945. He ask me to shot it to check the accuracy as he was kinda new to pistols . To my surprise that PT-145 shot great! I guess it is luck of the draw. I also had a 24/7 - accuracy was not that good with it either. My little Tuarus 85 is very accurate for a short revolver. So, I guess I am generally confused by Taurus - I don't know whether to like em or hate em. I am sure though that I will never love them.