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Is there such thing as the perfect ammo?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Grasshoppa@Work, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Grasshoppa@Work

    Grasshoppa@Work G&G Newbie

    Yeah, is there any particular type of ammo that everyone agree's is the best overall or does it come down to what shoots best on your rifle? Yes, I did get my Garand, and I did shoot it. I'll post again with a more in depth review of my garand and some updated info. I'm hoping to have some pictures for you guys too so that's why I'm delaying it. All I have to say though is, man what a rifle. I just had a blast shooting it. I was so surprised at the lack of recoil overall. I had shot a bolt action 30-06 and the thing just kicked the hell out of me so I was expecting the same. It treated me very well. Accuracy was superb, the range I was at was indoor so it was only 50 yards, but at that I was shooting groups of about 5 inches...I'm guessing but it was pretty much where I was aiming. In all I'm a very happy camper. It turns out that my rifle does have a VAR barrel. So, well I got off track and I guess that's a pretty good overall review of my purchase. I'll post pics if I can soon. Take care.
  2. I just bought, and I got it today, 1280 rds of the Danish surplus. Man is this ammo pretty. Nice brand new bandoliers, nice brand new enbloc clips. I would suggest you stick with anything that is as close to M2 ball ammo as you can get. Thats what this rifle was made for, thats what she will eat for suppertime. Try the Danish, its stamped 1991, and the price is right.

  3. GrassHoppa

    GrassHoppa G&G Newbie

    Alrighty then ITC, that's all I need.
  4. Armorer

    Armorer Guest

    Hey I'm make rounds taylored to my M1. You can spend way to much time and money on this. When you have the formula for your piece. All you got to do is pump them out.

    But then I do a 1/2 inch group at 50 yards.

    Now be nice to your new toy and clean it well. Wait 3 days and clean it again, then oil and grease it.
  5. mikefink

    mikefink G&G Newbie

    ITCboy...Where did you get the Danish surplus?

  6. mikefink

    mikefink G&G Newbie

    itcboy, thanks!

  7. depending on order size try MIDWAYUSA

    I called to inquire about shipping.
    THEY wanted 76 bucks on 30 bando's if I were to buy 1680 rds they were going do discount down to 50 but still better deal at MIDWAYUSA.COM. While you are there look into their combo tool. On sale only 4.99 while on the new I paid 10 bucks + shipping for a used one. No, I am not paid by them, just passing on a good deal to fellow sportsman like myself. Yes, I expect to continue to see the same on this site as there always have been. :D

    Might find someone close to where you live and the J&G discounted volume buy would be the way to go.

    Over 400 rds of CMP fired yesturday. NOT 1 problem with LC 69, and the Danish was made on the 80/90's. Plus the Danish is Berdan primed, while not reloadable, it is good for storage.
  8. mikefink

    mikefink G&G Newbie

    Thanks, shaddownone.
  9. I checked with and they have Danish Ammo for $15.00/bandolier SHIPPED with a 8-bandoleer minimum.

    If anyone is "small potatoes" like me and would like to go in halves on a 8-bandolier order (4 ea) for $60.00 each AND live in the Everett-Belingham, WA corridor, let me know.
  10. wait for the gun shows

    On second thought I am waiting for the gun show to come around next month. THere is a guy who sells at the same as the national companies and you won't have to pay for shipping.

    Anyone shoot the Danish yet?
  11. VVG

    VVG G&G Newbie

    For commercial ammo, Federal American Eagle shoots well. Natchez sells it for as little as $8.39 a box. It's boat tail, so it's a lot more accurate at 600 yards than M2 ball.

    As CMP is now out of M2 ball, the Danish surplus ammo is the best deal, as it comes with clips and bandoliers. It is also boat-tailed. The Danish ammo is Berdan primed, so if you want to reload it's not a good choice. Supposedly some Korean surplus of good quality will hit the market in a month or two.

    The wooden case is 624 rounds, and around 50 lbs. Shipping from Midway to MA was $27 and Midway ships within a day of receiving your order. Here's a comparison of the varios deals available. People have reported buying bandoliers for anywhere from $13 to $18 at gun shows and local shops. (Search on Danish)
    Danish 30-06 Springfield Ammunition 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket Berdan Primed
    - 48 Rounds (1 Bandolier with 6 8-Round Clips) $12.92 + shipping = $.269/round
    - Case of 624 Rounds (13 Bandoliers with 6 8-Round Garand Clips $156.00 + shipping = $.25/round (Shipping to MA was $24, and I got a C&R discount, so total was $.272 delivered)
    - PER BANDOLEER OF 48 ROUNDS WITH CLIPS (8 BANDOLEER MINIMUM ORDER) includes shipping $15 = $.31/round
    - 21 BANDOLEERS (1008 Rounds) includes shipping $300 = $.297/round
    - 192 rd $54.00 = $.281/round
    - 960 rd / 20 Bandoliers $250.00 = $.26/round + shipping
    - PER BANDOLEER OF 48 ROUNDS WITH CLIPS - $12.95 = $0.27/round plus shipping
  12. VVG

    VVG G&G Newbie

    There are many more - and CMP is now selling it at good prices!

    CMP Danish Ammo