Is this a fair price?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by stitchclimber, May 29, 2008.

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    it seems to be an average price...find out if it has a stamped or cast receiver, and find out the bolt gap and if it has a ground bolt. he may not know these answers, But you asking them puts you in a better position to bring the price down. just remember these rifles are getting hard to find and very collectible so get one before the new election... or you may pay a lot more

  3. $500 for one that's in good condition and operates well is a steal anymore! Weather cast or stamped....if it works and is in good condition, you really can't beat $500 anymore. I stole mine at $400 two years ago when alot of them where already at $600 plus.
  4. Link for me says Ad is not found. Possibly is not active or expired. Bummer.

    Billy if you see this one you might like it? You have a .454 Casull don't you? I mean for $2.00 each, what the hey right? lol

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  5. yeah, the add expired cause he pulled it. I missed my chance... Non of you are selling your spanish lady are ya?
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    dumb question.... but how do you tell if it's stamped or casted reciever..and which is better/and why?
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    stamped is thinner steel, it started out as a flat plate and was stamped in to form. A milled receiver is thicker should have a better fit and finish to it, and if you can find a milled receiver get it.