Is this democracy?

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - PA Rep. John Murtha Blatantly Abusing Power (Treason?)[/ame]
  2. Its more like Hypocrisy!

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    It is a perfect example of the mindset of the majority of the political officials in this country. With their inflated egos and sense of superiority, right and wrong doesn't exist. They are always right and everything they do is absolutely correct and justified. They all suffer from varying degrees of megalomania and feel a responsibility to no one but themselves. You can see the very same thing among individuals in the movie industry or among professional athletes.
    That is why, unless term limits become law, these individuals cannot be controlled.
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    Should I remind everyone that he died? Doesn't negate the statements he made, but I just think that it should be known.
  5. How many other representatives will carry on his legacy?
  6. Mmmmm,

    it is not democracy but it is something along the order of how our democracy has degenerated.
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    Either we need to vote out all incumbants or we need a new government. There is no way if founding fathers were here they would approve of such arrogance and audacity of the so called elected officials.

    This proves why the Democrats don't like guns, the citizens would approve of $.39 justice for permanent removal from office.
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    What we need to do is remind elected officials that just because they are elected to public office, said election does not confer membership into a nobiliary class. I have no doubt that there are a number of arrogant egomaniacs in Congress that would much prefer the titles of Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis and Duke to the more proletarian ones of Representative and Senator.

    Perhaps we ought to flog them on the Capitol steps once a year to remind them they are servants of the People and not members of a ruling class. We definitely need term limits that limit the amount of time they can serve in Congress at the federal level; and that once you've used up your total time (I think 12 years is about right), you are officially retired from Congress and have to go earn an honest living.

    After all, under the Constitution as amended the maximum time anyone can be President is ten years less 1 day. This presumes that a Vice President has to step up for whatever reason with his President's term more than half over, and that he then is elected President twice in his own right. That's the way the law works ever since the Republicans pushed the 22nd Amendment through in 1951 after 12 and a half years of Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the Oval Office.

    I feel we need term limits at all levels of government, not just the Federal. But just try and get political clowns to pass a law that would take them out of the game, even for a single term, that would require them to earn an honest living instead of sitting in the catbird seat and passing laws that oppress the peasants!
  9. I agree with your sentiment Cyrano but in the two party system that exists we just get a different flavor of the same thing from the "other" party.

    We need a third party, and it aint going to be no tea party, we need a true "Fiscal Conservative" party that completely disassociates itself of all the family values crowd and the neo-con ideologues. A party that eagerly considers fairly all legislation both left and right AS LONG AS IT CAN BE PAID FOR.

    How bout we make public office more like the Wallstreet system where, for every dollar they save the tax payer without diminishing public service, they get bigger and bigger bonuses?

    lol, Jack Bauer enlightened me last night with his tale told by the voice of his own grandpa.... [ame=""]Mouseland[/ame]
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    Tommy Douglas was very perceptive.

    We have the same situation in the US, today.

    Nothing in politics has changed for the last 97 years in this country, ever since the Federal Reserve Bank (a private corporation) was given control of our monetary system.

    If we want REAL change, we need to get the FED out of the US, and we need to get the US out of the UN.
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    These idiots have been allowed to run rampant. A democracy includes the voices of all classes of Americans. These two parties have only served the interests of those that sponsored their political sucess. They have turned all political debates held in primary's and such, into mud slinging, fact destorting, character assasinating, freak shows. This is done only to turn it personal, and destroy the opposition. Voting in leaders with no sucessfull, consistant track record, only circumvents our constitution. We have allowed this trend to morph into a dynasty struggle between these two parties that only serve themselves, and whatever slimy deals it takes to remain in control. This has long past been a ligitimate democracy. We are only allowed to vote for the imposters they put before us. We must break this trend, and vote in known statespeople.
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    i honestly believe its people in power like this that is going to be the cause of some kind of civil war or revolution type war in my life time, because this is ridiculous and it happens all the time they just do as they please without any regaurd for THE PEOPLE whom they are supposed to be serving.. any politician that does anything like this needs to be hanged for treason, all they care about is themselves and the people that paid for the seat they are sitting in, votes dont count for sh*t anymore because of these people doing whatever in the ef they please
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    I got an email from a friend of mine who was relaying an article from a magazine which alleges that in New York State, who gets elected to major state posts depends on the opinion of about 115 rich New York City fatcats. Why? Because the fatcats can afford to give the politicians tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, for thier campaigns. Politician$ alway$ $taunchly $upport their $olvent $ponsor$, don't you know.

    I resent the current system that elects the best politicians money can buy.