Is this for real?

Discussion in 'AR15' started by ADGP, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Says the finish and railed fore end are 'optional' so in that configuration no, it wouldn't be $725.

    But the barrel is made out of chrome moly which isn't that great if it is intended to be a range plinker as the barrel life is considerably less than chrome lined.

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    spend the extra couple hundred and get yourself a decent bushy.
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    Actually, 99% of firearms in civilian hands ARE chrome moly and they're fully capable of firing 100,000+ without shooting out the barrel so long as you don't dump mag after mag through it as fast as you can. Excessive heat is what is mainly responsible for wearing the barrel out. Chrome is more resistant to heat, thus why rifles with select fire options last longer. They tend to run hotter when you fire full-auto or burst.

    As for the original post, no that price is for a regular AR-15 in stock configuration. Still a very good price though. If you're in the market, I say get it. Coming from someone with a Bushamster, I haven't seen enough difference between mine and cheaper ones to warrant spending the extra money for a "purest approved" rifle.
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    Besides the treatment of the barrel the lack of info on the steel type is what concerns me. Just a personal preference but I like to roll with CMV mil-spec barrels as I do do a lot of rapid fire and my barrels tend to get pretty hot.

    There is a heck of a lot life out of a chrome molly barrel - not sure where you are getting 100K rounds but it is not that high, that is more like chrome-lined life spans.

    Sure most commercial rifles... but that includes hunting rifles that are usually not put in a situation where Joe takes it to the range on weekends and puts 200-400 rounds through it in a single setting.

    Why shoot bare steel (which is what chrome molly is) out of a non-precision rifle?
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    Ok, well, I am not in the market right now (need to save up) but I would rather have a chrome barrel. I'm in the Natl Guard so I'd eventually like to set up an AR for myself that mimicks my M4 but that will take a while. In your guys' descriptions this rifle seems to be similar to the DPMS uppers found at JG Sales. If I were to pick one or the other, which brand do you guys think would be better? I've held a DPMS and it seemed to be of similar quality to my issued M4 (a Colt) but I know nothing of DSA. But I am tempted to just save up and go for a nice Bushmaster or DPMS or somehting like that. Thanks by the way you guys.
  7. DSA has been around for a while and they make GREAT firearms, and parts.

    You will have nothing to worry about if you buy one of their firearms or barrels or anything else with their name on it!