Israeli Kareen mk1 ® Browning hi-power clone

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    Hiya guys :)

    Now that I've had some time to do a bunch of research and pour through a ton of Hi-Power threads on numerous forums going back 10-15 years, it's about time to do a thread on my new Hi-Power clone.

    After reading just about everything I could find on the subject, the way that I basically understand it is the earliest Browning hi-power clone was the Faeem made by FEG for the Hungarian military.

    Then apparently Israel got on board and they decided they wanted a clone of the Browning Hi Power as well so they ordered a bunch of parts from FEG & had them shipped to Israel where they would be finished and assembled and the Kareem was born, referred to as the mk1 even though it was never officially designated as such. Then the Israelis continued importing Browning hi-power parts and they also started manufacturing their own parts and making their own version of the hi power with an extended beavertail and better sites rather than the military style rear Notch and blade front sight, and the mk11 was born.

    Next up were the bulgarians, they wanted a variant of the high power as well but they also wanted some changes made in the process like an extended beavertail to eliminate the hammer bite, a larger machined trigger guard, a small drain hole drilled in the frame under the barrel and a Groove running down the length of the slide parallel with the barrel all the way to the front sight. These high Powers were referred to as the mk111 & mklv with additional minor cosmetic changes. Also somewhere in the interim they stopped being made by FEG started being produced in Belgium as well as by FN. Also mixed in the interim FEG made another variant for the Germans as well as several other companies.

    It seems that no one has been able to nail down a definitive chronology of the Browning Hi Power with all the different variants and knockoffs that have surfaced over the last 20 years or so, so you could almost say that they're a lot like the SKS because almost anything seems possible.

    Now in regards to the Hi-Power that I picked up yesterday, it's a somewhat rare Israeli Kareen mk1 built on FEG parts n Israel. This is an early letter "A" designation with a four digit matching serial numbers on the barrel slide and frame , ie: AA 1234.

    This is also an exact clone of the early 70's Hi-Power design.
    On the left side of the frame just above the trigger a little to the left of the trigger hinge pin is the licensed trademark logo that confirms all the factory Browning hi-power parts will work with this. On the right side of the frame just above and a little to the left of the trigger hinge pin is the oval cross bolt footprint which verifies that this has John Moses Browning linkless Barrel design. It seems that on the later model letter "G" designated serial numberb varients they also used the Smith & Wesson rotating Barrel design as well.

    This Hi-Power was imported from Israel A&A Ltd. by J. O. Arm Houston, TX back in the mid 80's before the company went defunct not long after that. This was purchased back in the day by my friends Grandpa after which he took it home and parked it in his gun safe and it pretty much stayed there ever since. He eventually inherited it but it wasn't his cup of tea and rather than keeping it in the family he traded it to me.

    It's in very nice shape , the Finish is beautiful and the action is smooth as butter with a nice trigger. These also have a magazine lockout as well,, so even if the hammer is cocked it won't fire without a mag in the well. As far as the trigger ons pretty nice. From the middle of the trigger there's about an 1/8 of an inch of take up before you're on the sear, then a slight squeeze and the trigger breaks. I'd guess it's probably about 4 lbs. As far as I'm concerned you really can't get much better with a trigger like this, then again maybe it's had some work done to it, idk. I've heard if you disable the magazine lockout the triggers and actions get even better.

    For all intents and purposes, it's basically everything that's good and wholesome about the 1911 with John Browning's refinements and improvements he made when he designed this before he died, White no pain in the butt Barrel bushing to screw with just a break it down for cleaning. The closest comparison that I can make is it breaks down just like a Sig Sauer P226 or SP2022. It also has the linkless barrel design which eliminated The Swinging link that the 1911 has, and since it's 9mm it also has 14 round magazines. Soul Eater model high power variants came out with 10 round magazines but there are aftermarket 13 and 15 rounders available as well. This one takes factory steel 14 rd hi power mags & it came with 3 of them.

    IMG_20161118_113321.jpg IMG_20161118_113408.jpg IMG_20161118_115806.jpg IMG_20161118_162437.jpg PICT0544-1-1.jpg IMG_20161117_175402.jpg

    Useful info :

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    One of my regular customers carries the FEG clone and I have been trying to talk him out of it from day 1.
    I'd love to see someone do a family tree of all the firearms spawned as either clones or updates to the Hi Power.

    That list pretty much includes everything from the Tokarev through the modern Glock clones to some extent or another.
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    one of these days I hope you're able to lay your hands on that Hi Power. Rather than waiting, I would suggest that you start trying to find one elsewhere as soon as possible. the way that I understand it these don't make it into the states very often, and if they do it's in small quantities for a short. Of time and they sell out very fast. I haven't looked around at other sources but there are some available on GunBroker and they're really reasonable. everyone expects that when the supply dries up the prices of these will go through the roof just like anything else in high demand.

    if you watch the second video I posted you'll find out that he had to have his friend at Aim Surplus hand pick one and hold it for him because every time they got a supply in stock, they disappeared before he could get one ordered
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    I couldn't decide what to start out with so I traded in 350 rounds of. 40 & just got home with 400 rounds of 9mm in a variety of flavors, + the 100 rds of hp's I got for it yesterday :) .

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    so I decided to do a little minor surgery on this last night and pull the magazine disconnect out of it. now the magazines drop free instead of getting hung up in the well on the stupid disconnect and it made the trigger a touch lighter, almost too light. if it were any lighter than what it is now I swear I could probably blow on it and set it off, and I'd have to put the disconnect back in it. thankfully it didn't turn out that way but it came pretty close to it. I'll call Sportsman's and see if they have a trigger pull Gage on hand, if so I'll run over and get it tested just to see where it's at.
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    IMG_20161125_134816.jpg IMG_20161125_103156.jpg

    Well, it's overcast cool and blustery here in the valley so the lighting is not the best and the pictures don't do it justice, but I've been working this over with Turtle Wax Chrome and metal polish, and now pretty much every surface on it is shiny like a mirror. It really is purdy.
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