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Discussion in 'Ithaca' started by AR-tim, Mar 19, 2002.

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    I have a question about my Ithaca model 37 (16 gauge). If you fire a round and hold the trigger back while you work(pump) the action, the next round chambers and slam fires. So if you really want to, you can pull the trigger and pump that little shotgun as fast as you can four times and empty the gun....If you let go of the trigger after you fire (like you should do, and I do) it functions like it is supposed to. I am just wondering if this is normal operation, or something is wrong?
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    I'll have to check and see tommorrow,I know the old 97 winchesters use to do that but I dont think my Ithica does.What part of Wisconsin you from,I'm from S.E.,by Kenosha....Mike

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    It IS normal for the older m37's to do that.The Seal teams is VN preferred the 12 gauge gun for that very reason for breaking ambushes and initiating same.;)
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    I used to use one that did the same. When i was younger the farmer I worked for supplied the shells and encouraged us to keep shooting to scare the geese of the recently swathed crops if it was too wet to combine these were an all you eat buffet for them. He also lent us his guns as I was using an old single shot.
    Shooting like that was really effective when you popped up from under a swath and had yourself surrounded by geese close enough to club with the gun.
    When he saw me do this he was up one side and down the other when I thought he was done, he let me have it again! Told me if the cartridge don't chamber properly the whole thing can blow up in your face.
    He told me he saw it happen, nearly took off the guys whole face. Was that a fluke, or a very real possibility? I know I'd never do it again, scared his ghost will come back and start yelling at me again!
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    That's fact that was a selling point whenever we got one in stock. Alot of our customers preferred the Ithica 37 for just that reason.