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  1. i cant do it, im on the east coast and i cant shut myself up to go bed yet

    any tips, well ill probably get off the computer before any responds, but ill read it later, so post it anyway

    and remember, no one likes boogers in their coffee

  2. Yes and it really works

    Most people cannot sleep for the simple reason they take in both stimulants (coffee, soft drinks, etc.) and calories (big evening meal and snacks) in the hours before bedtime. Therefore, the body is "loaded up" with extra caloric and stimulant energy so naturally you cannot sleep.
    You toss and turn yet do not realize this is a normal bodily response. Then you are dead tired in the morning hours after all this stimulant and caloric energy is somewhat burned off.

    Now, if you really want to sleep cut our stimulants such as caffeine, processed sugar, big evening meals and snacks before bedtime. Knock out the caffeine and processed sugar at least by mid-afternoon. Take a light evening meal in both quantity and calories. Do a little exercise before bedtime. Then you will sleep and wake up hungry for breakfast and that is fine as you need to fuel your morning.

    It really does work although most people do not want this advice.
    The majority of over the counter and prescribed sleep aids are not necessary.

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    Cut down on caffeine as much as you can, for one thing.

    In the short term though, it's about putting stress behind you and relaxing.

    A good comfort drink that someone in one of my pagan forums mentioned... let me see if I can remember this right, as it's been awhile. Warm milk is the main ingredient, which of course tastes like crap by itself... mix in some honey, cinnamon, and a very small amount of chocolate. I'm not sure I have it quite right, but give it a try.
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    I go through cycles with my sleep. About every 2 months there is a week where I'll get less than 4 hours a night. This has been this way for years with me. What nathangdad wrote is the best way to get to sleep. Working the night shift helps screw with your internal clock. It's 4 in the after noon for me right now. Every time I eat a big meal I just want to sleep. Getting older I guess.
  5. My uncle would say: guilty conscience.

    I sleep bout 4 hours a night, 5 if I`m lucky.. I wake up at 12.34am, or sometimes 1.23am for no apparent reason, I sometimes get back to sleep.

    I just seem to run on, I work 6am -6pm weekdays and 6-12 half days on saturday.

    Don`t sweat it. Thats the key, if you can`t sleep just try to relax, if ` rest` is all you can get, it has to do.

    Don`t get worked up about it.
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    When I can't get to sleep it's usually because I drank leaded coffee too late at night. I can't drink it past about 7 and still expect to get to sleep before 12:30-1:00. Also I find that if there's something going on in my life that's troubling me or something important that I just can't quite figure out, I won't be able to sleep due to my brain being active. The only answer to that is to find some way to remove those thoughts from your head temporarily.
  7. I'm on dialysis and can't sleep after a session. I've tried sleeping pills both prescribed and OTC, nothing seems to work. I just lay in bed and play solitare on my PDA, or read I'll get abt 3 hrs sleep waking up with my face in the reading material, or my PDA. Good luck with whatever you try.
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    go get some meletonen.(sp?) its all natural your brain creates it when tired and you an get it without a script. it wount just knock you out but it will help if you go laydown.
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    As you age your body requires less sleep. I have always deemed sleep as being tremendously overated! I average 2-3 hrs sleep each night and take a 1hr power nap in the afteroon.
  10. hmm, while the advice given would be a huge change to my normal schedule, i think i might try that, i drink to many soda's anyway, im not a huge coffee fan, but the food, that might be tough, ill try it

    anyhow i got to sleep after popping in one of the worst movies ever
  11. Knock out the caffine and suger at leat 5 or 6 hours before you go to bed and don't eat a big meal either and you will sleep like a puppy dog. I know I do!
  12. When I was your age I couldnt sleep at 3:30 because it was ONLY 3:30. Now it is because I fall asleep at 8:00 pm and wake back up at 11.
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    Lol....I somehow drink pop eat food and still fall straight asleep when i hit the bed almost every time no matter what time...well within reason, say after 9. not sure why but i am not complaining. of course i like my sleep i usually get about 8 hours+ lol. Unless i get up early to go hunting:D

    I guess caffeine just doesn't affect me, because i usually drink it at night even.
  14. i bet your girlfriend didnt call you at 7 in the morning either:ugh1:
  15. Melatonin . . . or good burbon. Both work real well.
  16. i drank all the old grand-dads

    real smooth stuff, my mom gave it to me for a night cap if i ever wanted one
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    if i do anything like sit at my computer i will never go to sleep. i just go lie down, some nights it takes a hour to fall asleep, but i can usually prevent that by just waiting till 11:30 or 12 before i try to go to bed, then i can fall asleep in 15 minutes or so. but i dont wake up untill 8.(maybe that has something to do with it also)
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    i work the ruff hours on call 24 7 day or night the last 5 years what works for me to go to bed at night when ever that is meditation take a hot shower lay in bed with your fav music and meditate works like a charm takes me 5 to 10 min and out like a light