Its about time.

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    I heard on the news that LE around the DC sniper area are getting lots of differing reports or descriptions of the Sniper and aren't much help to LEO's. It was suggested or stated that the LE would give tips on what to look for in and around these acts in order to get better descriptions of the guy.

    Well have another cup of STUPID. It's about time something like this was done. Why isn't this regularly done by LEO's or news agencies?
  2. I think it's primarily because incidents such as this sniper happens so infrequently and generally gets resolved before they see a need to educate the public.

    It takes something enormous for the thought that John Q. Public needs to know varied aspects of self defense and protection. Much like educating us on 'safe rooms' following the 9-11 attacks and the possibility of forthcoming bio attacks by terrorists.