It's Not About Good or Bad

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    Query: What do the words mean, "no justice, no peace?". In Oklahoma City in June, the local leader of the BLM group placed 13 demands on the local mayor. Keep in mind the mayor cannot fire the police chief, one of their demands and the mayor has nothing to do with the local DA (county official) who prosecuted the death penalty case they wanted thrown out.

    Of the 13, the most important was that the city build a grocery store in a traditional black neighborhood, because the one that was there for decades closed due to high theft.

    And other demand was that everyone arrested for looting and rioting and arson and even some who attacked police officers, have the charges dismissed and the police chief give an apology for arresting the rioters.

    And some of the demands a were just nuts, you can read them here:

    SO, when they did not get their grocery store and other demands met, they started burning and trashing city and private property and chanting, no justice, no peace. They actually had people bring in pallets of bricks and set them along the street so the protestors would have bricks to throw through the windows of local businesses and city offices and police cars. That planning shows their intent.

    Bottom line, they have no credibility because every discussion is comes with the threat, you do not give us what we want, we will burn your town down. Like trying to negotiate with a rabid dog IMHO.
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    I'm shaking it up and down in agreement! LOL!!!

    Yes things ARE changing. Conservatives were upset during the reign of terr...uh Obama, but they kept their sense of decorum. We may be about to see that sense of decorum finally fall to a sense of Patriotic Duty!

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    They are in no way 'retards'! They, DEMONcrates, are smart EVIL people who will say and do ANYTHING to get elected and have 'power'. To them the ends justifies the means PERIOD! Some of the Goofy Old party are the same, but they are in a minority in that party, but the VAST MAJORITY of the DEMONcrates are EVIL!
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    I've determined that being liberal does a bad person make.

    I have nothing but contempt for any U. S. citizen who holds forth as liberal. All of 'em! Only two adjectives can be used to describe a liberal and those are "stupid" or "evil." No other descriptions will do.

    There are very few stupid people in the world so the great majority of liberals are evil. Even the ones who deliberately don blinders so that they won't see the evil that the leftist brand of liberalism embraces in this nation. They don't get a pass because they don't know for they have an obligation to be informed if they are stepping into the voting booth.

    This nation is in a mess because (1) sorry liberals and their twisted ideology, (2) feckless Republicans who haven't had a spine in decades, and (3) a burgeoning generation of self-centered, amoral citizens with no proper knowledge of right and wrong.
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    This is the only part of your statement that I can't agree with. There are a TREMENDOUS number of stupid people in the world. However, that does NOT preclude leftists from being evil or stupid or both. And it CERTAINLY does not make them exempt from being labeled enemies if they support a group or political party (Democrat) that seeks to undermine and/or destroy our country.
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    Spiritual problems cannot be solved by any amount of social engineering.
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    Their philosophies have turned into ACTIONS which have hurt me. If their beliefs stayed in esoterics, debate, or idea form I'd have no problem with it. Or if they wanted to act within their own group of like minded people to voluntarily do whatever in a manner that didn't adversely affect me that'd be fine too.

    As an example, I have my faith, God, and Spirituality. If someone wants I can show them the path I've been on but have no need to project MY faith onto others (except perhaps during the role of parenting where it IS part of parenting --as it is with many other things--and then let the child make choices as he grows up and matures). While we might debate this, these same types will project THEIR views onto MY faith and then dictate when, where, and how I may practice it (even shutting down my gathering places on a whim--over whatever excuse they can find). Or forcing ME to accept when and where I can discuss my faith with others. I might even post a cross on private property with permission only to have THEM tell me I must remove it. And if I don't send forceful agents of the state to do just that.

    So, no, I'm not tolerating their bad behavior anymore. Most of us have displaced DUE to these locusts trashing out where WE live (largely due to wanting to PROJECT their insane outlook onto me and--after not being able to convince me to play--finding some huckster to elect who uses the force of law to do exactly that)--and then after doing so following us to our NEW place only to attempt to trash it out again. I'm done with this and where I am is where I make a stand.

    If they want to chat esoterics for fun that's fine; I see few hardcore leftists who actually do this. When they begin to lose the arguments on merit (because there isn't alot of merit there) they get emotional, irrational, and then mad and then it's an attack on me. We go from the carbon scam to me somehow being a racist for believing different things--and then that people like me need to be coercively silenced as some form of wacko. Just out of a discussion. Without me even getting upset or passionate about the topic.

    At this point I say Eff 'em. They've pushed my boundaries enough. If they want to stay in their home and whine about how us unmasked slobs are destroying the planet that's fine. But they're not welcome in MY home or yard to mooch off of ME anymore.
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  8. rando

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    Very nice reply. Like you say they are using actions and not just their thoughts anymore. That is what eats me up. There is a legal process that they need to take if they don't like a certain law or don't agree. You don't take it into your own hands and tear a place apart to get your way. Its like a little pissed kid acting out plus illegal. Oh that's right, they dont have that word in their vocabulary.
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    I think where a lot of people get chasing their tails or confused and then don't put up a defence is that they believe the hyenas when they say they are really baboons. It is very important to be always mindful that people behave rationally - even the left wing goons behave rationally. Therefore, when you don't understand why they are doing what they do to achieve the meritorious ends they claim to be after, it is because they have a hidden agenda. They are after something else entirely. The words are only to make you tolerate their aggression.

    People riot and loot and viciously beat on some old man wearing a MAGA hat because they are opposing tyranny? Hardly. Anyone who believes that needs to go back to the Opportunity Class. OBVIOUSLY, they are after something else. Nobody in their right mind opposes tyranny by beating on someone for wearing a hat. To borrow a worn-out phrase from an corrupt imbecile: "C'mon man!"

    They are exactly what they appear to be: A pack of hyenas.....a western version of Hamas..... radicalized intellectual lightweights. All of that.

    Never take them on without a reliable wingman. A pack of hyenas will take down a single lion and kill him. And watch for weapons; they have some training about using unconventional weapons. Keep your wits about you. Don't get flanked; they will ambush you. And don't hesitate. They won't.
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    Now, it's "undocumented" doncha know? ;):D
  11. Ten Man

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    SOMETIMES they behave rationally, and not as often as you would expect.
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    Excellent post. You or your wingman have to cover your back and flanks because they do not act alone. Just look at the videos of the recent riots. All acts of mobs. Any group that will beat down some kid or senior for wearing a political slogan hat is delusional and deadly and we know from the Kyle Rittenhouse case that many will be armed and willing to attempt to kill a kid with a gun or skateboard. I am old, but I could take your head off with a skate board, and they do have that level of commitment. They made that commitment when the went to the riot armed.

    If you are going to be in that situation, you need a second set of eyes on a person willing to commit to defensive action. Good post.
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    Nope. Always. We you/we think they are behaving irrationally, it is because you don't understand what they are really after.
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    By your assertion, any behavior can be justified as "rational," if we only understand the motive.

    There are hundreds of volumes published on behavior, that disagree with your assertion.

    I think you have confused the concept of rationale with the concept of rational.
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    The enemy is using the general mobs as a diversion while organized small units work in that mob.
    Kyle Rittenhouse was targeted by such a team or crew. Thank God he was able to take them out.
    Unfortunately another man was shot dead by such a team but he took pepper spray to a gunfight and didn't realize he was being baited.
    This is a very old ploy often used in the 3rd world by communists and islamists to stir up violence. Commonly called Agitation Propaganda teams or used to be back in the day.
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    I rarely suggest books to read, but will for this topic:

    Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky


    Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

    Events will come into focus after reading those books.
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    Masters of Deceit by J.Edgar Hoover
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  18. Rocky7

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    I guess you could also say that I believe my opponent's actions tell me much more than their words about what they're after. On this topic, I believe their words about anti-racism, anti-tyranny, inclusiveness, blah, blah, blah are meant to disarm us, nothing more. It's how they get inside the wire with their gear.

    There are some who actually believe the claptrap but those are not the rioters. I think that group might be who the OP had in mind. In one sense I would agree with him about them. I have always believed that the essential difference between a liberal and a conservative is humility. Conservatives have some. Liberals don't. All else flows from that single difference.

    At the same time, we need to remember that was really all that separated Lucifer from God in the beginning. Lucifer was a giant of an angel. Then his pride took over. He lost his humility. Evil was born.

    You could say there is not much separating us from these progressive radicals....just Pride, really. You'd have a point. But I would remind you that once a cucumber becomes a pickle, it is no longer a cucumber. It might look like a cucumber, but it is not. It might tell you that it is a cucumber but it is not. It is a pickle. It's like that for those who are consumed by their own self-importance.
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    I don't think that's quite correct. Most of us here have no want to go out and project our will on others. Or go out an hurt others; even if we think it's for their 'own good.' We don't have a huge desire to tell them how to live their lives, only to let us go about ours unencumbered and without judgment by their incoherent shifting code. To dwell in our family and faith without someone trying to use the law to tell us this was wrong. We ALSO have for the most part walked the walk and actually DONE things and dealt with life.

    To wit:

    AND.......they'll vote for Biden. While enabling these rioters, trying to strip OUR rights of self-defense, and using the force of law to mooch off of us. Warren Buffet and the like were always complaining how THEY didn't pay enough taxes--while at the same time exploiting every tax shelter available (not to mention they could have written a check to the treasury anytime they wanted to pay extra). That was a lie; he wanted US to pay more taxes. And would happily encourage laws that used coercion to protect his business entities.

    I don't agree that the leftists are rational, only that they can rationalIZE and the two are not the same. Now to some extent they're predictable--but that doesn't mean they have a rational or justifiable position (only that they justify with insane paradigms).

    If I claim that human burning of fossils is warming the planet, and then fabricate models and data to 'prove' it, I haven't made a rational argument. No amount of chanting, bumper stickers, or cleverly worded propaganda MAKES that rational. It's just a clever pack of lies. And living (and acting) on the basis of an imaginary, fabricated world IS insane.
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    If you could go back to 1935 and put a hollow point in Hitler's head, wouldn't you? I would. If you then tried me for murder and executed me - so be it.

    Same thing; that's how they think.

    You are dancing on the head of a pin. I'll leave you to it.
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