It's Poll time, sound off- we gottem on the ropes, BIG TIME!

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    just like when I play pool, a lot of green there.

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    Oh yeah! Pile it on.
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  4. You know, sometimes we worry that things like the DC area sniper will eventually hurt us as gun owners.

    I was talking to some people today, in fact,....people that are NOT gun advocates....and their thing is maybe having some defense is not a bad thing.
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    looking over the site. i couldn't decide if this is a liberal/conservative/middle bend to it, but my no vote applies to all.
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    This guy is decidedly liberal, or extremely sarcastic. I did not appreciate him putting me in the same category as Sadaam. I sent him a nice little email about it, after I voted no. I bet he still don't get the message.
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    thanks BenP, hey try attaching your avatar to it, might get his attention!!!
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    I am yet to understand what in the heck 9/11 had to do with guns?:confused:
  9. Go tell him this


    Someone should go tell John Aravosis to eat dirt, read his own poll and shut up!

    It is absolutely clear that the majority of Americans want to own guns, and think it is their Constitutional right to do so! Even his own poll shows that.

    The fact that he had to quote ol Chucky to get someone to side with him, is in itself, an act of desperation!

    And to put legal, law abiding gun owners in a catagory with a butcher and a murderer of millions of innocent people....well let's just say Mr. John Aravosis has one fist to the snot locker comin if I ever meet him!

    In that interum, however, I sent this-

    "Mr. John Aravosis, we are not evil, we are not murderous and we are sure as hell a lot more understanding and open minded that your ilk. We are the workers of the world, we are fathers, we are all walks of life. We are your next door neighbor, your kids scout master, the school crossing guard and the guy who makes your morning Coffee and muffin. We are the 80 MILLION plus, legal gun owners of America.

    Think about who you are condeming before you paint with such a broad brush.

    When homosexuals are painted with as broad a brush, you condem those doing the painting. Yet you do the same to anyone who owns a firearm, smokes, or drives an SUV.

    Where we live, SUV's and 4 wheel drive are a necesity. We use the trucks as they were designed. We are rural and small town America. We live in large cities as well. We do not drive a Suburban as a status symbol, nor do we have guns for the same reason. How many of your friends drive large expensive vehicles because they use them to assert their status?

    Most of the 80 million of us have never, and will never use our firearms as an offensive weapon, or in a crime. Most of us will never use them for home protection. We understand a gun is not inherantly evil, nor does it give one a feeling of power. A gun is a tool, nothing more. They are no more or less dangerous on their own that a baseball bat or a knife.

    I personally found your comments biased, mean spirited and abusive. I also found them to be the act of a desperate, pathetic individual with an axe to grind and someone trying to assert his authority on an issue he is woefully misinformed about.

    I also feel the need to point out, while this TERRORIST in the east is a horrible situation and I find the loss of life in these attacks unforgivible, last weekend in one car crash on an interstate in Wisconsin, more people dies in 2 minutes that the Terrorist has managed to kill in 3 weeks. Yet I hear no public outcry to slow down in the fog, or ban certain types of automobiles, or to call all automobile owners Hitler.

    Your views are so far out of perspective as to be, like you, pathetic and laughable. Who am I? I am the NRA, I am America and I vote!"
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    Excellent results:
    Yes (repeal the 2nd) - 1%
    No (I'll keep my gun!) - 98 %
    This is of a total of 35797 votes!

    The people have spoken! Hope this moron listens.
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