Its things like this that makes me wish the Talaban had a request line

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    Its things like this that makes me wish the Talaban had a request line. Of couse bombing this crowd would be a public service to America.....Lets see we got a "drag" show, the son of Bob Marly who recently got arrested for drugs, the producer of movies like "Don't be a mence to south central while drinking your juice in the hood" (Realy is the movie name) whith lots of gang shoot outs and gun jokes. Figure someone in the club will smoke a ciggrett.....SO we got Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Drugs and Drag Queeens....I say old Janet is takeing the BATA thing to new hights. As a Fl. resident Ill admit that it would be intrestign to see what she would turn florida into if she did win...from a safe say Norh Dakota of course...I have a feeling that Florida would be come home of the "Flameing" libral without guns...on a sinde note/? how much would you have to drink/smoke to "slow dance" with old Jannet???????????

    Reno schedules fund-raiser at South Beach nightclub
    Miami-AP -- From "Saturday Night Live" to real life.

    Janet Reno will take a page from the comedy show's book and host her own dance party fund-raiser at a trendy Miami club.

    Reno is running for Florida's governor's mansion.

    The T-V show used to have a recurring sketch called "Janet Reno Dance Party" -- featuring Will Ferrell dressed in drag as the then-attorney general.

    Reno herself made an appearance on the sketch once.

    The real dance party will be held at a club called Level, on trendy South Beach. It's a popular spot for celebrities -- and several have already signed on to attend the fund-raiser.

    Actors Damon and Marlon Wayans have confirmed they'll be there, along with singer Ziggy Marley -- son of the late reggae star Bob Marley.

    The club's owner says Denzel Washington is likely to be on hand also.

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    I'd rather vote for Will Ferrell than her...I don't know who the bigger man would be though!

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    Let's all pray for a well-placed tornado or tidal wave. And I say that as a life-long Floridian. That beach could use a good scouring.