Iver johnson 44mag revolver

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by rando, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Has anyone seen or heard of a 44mag revolver made by Iver johnson and called the Cattleman. Its a large frame with a 8inch or so barrel. Has walnut grips and is lightly blued. I was at my LGS today and he picked one of these up froma private seller. I have a 22 revolver and a few other guns made by them but I liked this gun. It has no wear or scratches or marks from ever being shot. Im thinking of buying it but not sure about the value. They are asking $349 for it. What do you guys think???

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    Yes I have seen them, I would buy one. They seem to be a well made colt clone.
  3. PAPA G

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  4. big shrek

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    For Maryland, that'd be close to right on the price for a NIB/LNIB version. Heck of a deal if you can talk 'em down a little :)

    There are FOUR types of Cattleman...
    Cattleman SA (1973-78)
    Cattleman Buckhorn SA (1973-78)
    Cattleman Buntline SA (1973-78)
    Cattleman Trail Blazer (.22lr/.22WMR-came with both cylinders) (1973-78)

    SA - Fixed sights, one-piece Walnut grip, case-hardened frame w/ brass grip frame.
    came in .357 Mag w/ 4.75 or 5.5" or 7.25" barrel, or .44 Mag w 6", or .45 Long Colt w/ 4.75 or 5.5" or 7.25".
    Weight around 41 oz w/ 7.25 barrel.

    Buckhorn - adj rear and ramp front sights, and a 12" barrel option along with the previously mentioned lengths.
    Weight around 44 oz with long barrel.

    Buntline - Same as Buckhorn, except came with 18" barrel and shoulder stock with brass fittings :)
    Weighs about 56 oz.

    Trail Blazer - .22lr/22WMR cylinders included, had 5.5 or 6.5" barrel & weighed about 40 oz.

    The Buckhorns rate around $100 more than the SA, and the Buntlines run around $150-200 more.

    Uberti still makes 'em under their own name these days...cost around $519-799
    Uberti Single-Action 1873 Cattleman
    Buntline $649-799
    Uberti 1873 Revolver Carbine, 1873 Buntline Target

    AND...for us SASS/cowboy shooters, they make Matched Pairs :)
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  5. Shoobee

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    If you are a hunter, then you definitely need a .44 of some kind.

    It can be a .454 Cassle, or a .44 Smith&Wesson, or any other .44 that you wish.

    If you do not hunt, however, then the .45 ACP family are actually fine.

    I would then recommend the Sig or the Ruger or the Czech models because they are double action like the Brownings.
  6. big shrek

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    Best thing about .44Mag is that you can use .44-Special & .44 Cowboy loads :D
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