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    I bought a M1 Carbine made by Iver Johnson from a gun shop here in Cincinnati a few years back. It looks almost like new.It shoots great. I was told that they were sent to Israel by our Government during the 1967 War. The guy at the Gun Shop told me the Pesident Clinton allowed some of them back into the country to be sold to the American Public. I don't know if any of the story was true but It is in really good condtion. I paid
    $ 400.00 for it.
    The M1 Carbine has always been my favorite Military Rifle. (I grew up watching Combat with my Dad) I was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about M1 Carbines coming back from Israel?
    It doesn't really matter to me if any part of the story is true because I would have bought is no matter where it came from just because I have always wanted one.
  2. Where did you get it in cincinnati? Used to live there in West Chester.

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    Sounds like a lot of bull to me. Clinton wouldn't let anyfirearms back into the country if he could have stopped it.
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    I agree with the above. Also, to my research, Iver Johnson did not make carbines for military use to any foreign nation.
    USGI carbines were loaned to many countries and those are the ones you are seeing making the big come back. Under the Clinton administration (early) some were brought back from Korea but had to be name stamped with the importer's name. Blue Sky was one of the biggest.
    Iver Johnson had an issue with the bolt peening itself so watch for that. The steel used was not the strongest.
    The story...well, it sounds like bs to me. $400 or less is about par for a non-USGI carbine.
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    I bought it from Re-Lo's before they went out of business.
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    That story sounds like a bunch of bull to me too.

    Darn it! my computer keeps on disconnecting on me and it is really starting to tick me off!!!
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  7. Welcome to G&G White Rock. As long as your M1 Carbine shoots well thats all that matters. Have fun with it.