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Izhmash Arsenal AK-47 for $350

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In the latest flyer from SOG they have an AK-47 advertised as a "Izhmash Arsenal AK-47" for $350. They boast synthetic stock and 14" barrel with a permanently attached muzzle break that brings the length out to the legal requirements.

Has anybody had any experience with these rifles. I have heard a lot of bad things about Southern Ohio Gun and am a little leery of them. However, this rifle sounds like a really great deal for the price. They are supposedly straight out of Russia with the triggers groups swapped out to convert them to semi-auto and brand new.
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Calling those rifles the "New Izhmash AKs" is misleading. These are imported as Saiga rifles, which are based on the AK but heavily sporterized, as in ten round mag and unable to take hi-caps, in compliance with import bans. I believe it's Hesse Arms, which has a sketchy reputation and offers no warranty at all, who takes these rifles and:
1.) Moves the trigger group forward into the usual position for an AK
2.) Adapts the receiver to accept pistol grip and buttstock
3.) Modifies the magazine well in the receiver to accept double stack AK mags
4.) Replaces enough parts with US made parts to comply with the necessary laws.

So a great deal of workmanship involved in these rifles is NOT done by the guys who build them. I think they look nice, but would much rather have a less expensive Romanian SAR-1 or WASR-10. WASR-10s have a similar mag well conversion, but it's done by Century, who isn't perfect, but is WAY above Hesse.

Or buy a Saiga with the ten round mag. They're great guns for the price.
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OR you could convert one to P-grip yourself, like I did :D

In restrospect, that wasn't a bad price, since Hesse didn't build it from the base.
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