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Izhmash Arsenal AK-47 for $350

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In the latest flyer from SOG they have an AK-47 advertised as a "Izhmash Arsenal AK-47" for $350. They boast synthetic stock and 14" barrel with a permanently attached muzzle break that brings the length out to the legal requirements.

Has anybody had any experience with these rifles. I have heard a lot of bad things about Southern Ohio Gun and am a little leery of them. However, this rifle sounds like a really great deal for the price. They are supposedly straight out of Russia with the triggers groups swapped out to convert them to semi-auto and brand new.
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I've never had any problems with SOG. I bought a Ballester Molina .45 from them that had one bad grip on it. I e mailed them asking for another grip for the bad one and they sent me 2 new ones with 4 new screws in a sealed package. Outstanding!
And you never got a SAR-1....
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