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  1. i have recently bought a 22 short/long rifle from my uncle in taking it apart to clean it i found that i was missing a screw so im on the search but cant find it any where. it says j.c. higgins model 101.13 which i cross referenced to a stevens 86-7. this lil screw has a nipple on the end and hold the loader to the bottom of the barrel and keeps the bolt keep straight in the barrel. i was told by a machinest that it is 10/30 thread. im wondering if anybody knows where i can find this

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    Any machinist worth his salt can make one.I sugest using a grade 5 bolt of proper size.If you meisure the depth and cut a grade 5/8 bolt to proper length,you can put the nipple on with a stone by spinning the bolt in a drill/drillpress.I forgot to add,when replacing,use locktite instead of muscle. ,,,sam.