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    I'm thinking about buying a S&W model 638. Stainless aluminum frame humpback bodyguard 5 round.38 Special. Light enough to carry all the time. Primarily for concealed carry but will be loaded with shot for snake protection while fishing. I like the Kramer pocket holster (from Dillon Precision).
    I keep hearing that these sidearms print patterns instead of groups. I think I can live with that. Any thoughts ?:assult:
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    I carry a model 37, blued airweight exposed hammer, and find it plenty accurate. With standard loads recoil isnt to bad, plus p's, make those follow up shots a little rougher, but all are where I want them. If I try I can get some amazing groups at 15 yards, never heard of the accuracy problem you're talking about.

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    I have to agree with AJY. I have a nickel Mod 36 with exposed hammer and it shoots a good group with the 158 gr. lead load. It's not as accurate as a 6" L-frame but still more than enough for close-range carry work. It also patterns OK with CCI bird shot.

    Accuracy isn't the top criterium in a carry gun. Reliability and stopping power come first. There's nothing more reliable than a S&W revolver, and the .38 Spl. has been putting them down for 100 years.

    I'd get the Bodyguard.
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    these guys are steering you right. A few years ago, I did quite a bit of work with a 2" chief which is basically the same gun. I could hit the upper torso on the FBI/B17 target from fifty yards if I flopped down to a real steady prone and fired single action. Close up-fast work was completely satisfactory. My 3" 60-4 gets fine bench groups at 25 yards and has killed a few rabbits.
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