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    a friend rescued this coon kitten from a fire and his daughter raised it. was a great pet for a while until it got hit by a car.:( DSCN8608.JPG
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  3. I stopped traffic last Thursday on a busy road to throw a baby 'coon off that didn't make the crossing. Sad.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]

    All those pretty girls kissing Jaison, and someone posts one of him kissing a dog.
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    New York
    Princess Whinybitch used to get annoyed at me when we would go to my son's school on a weekend and if the donkeys and mules were in the paddock, I would say, "Good afternoon, Mr. President." Or later, "Hello, Hillary." Thought it was disrespectful.

    I wasn't being disrespectful. I was expressing deepest contempt.
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    I haven't heard of anything, either one of them did/said, that deserved respect.:(
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    Caught me chasing.......! You fill in the blank.
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    I've never seen that donkey before! You can tell he's funny by that mane cut!
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    Where are the half naked women with donkey pictures?
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    Not enough storage on the internet because of all the half-nekkid women and raccoon pics?

    It's a curse, man.
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    They were in Epstien's Safe. So we all know where they are now.
    I guess the left one behind. index.jpg
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    If ya'll don't have sumthin' nice to say.....
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