Jane Fonda Goes To A Restaurant

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    I don't know if this is a true story, but we can hope.

    Jane Fonda and her ex-husband Ted Turner tried to get a meal in a restaurant in Montana, where they used to live. The host told them they would have to wait.

    Jane baby threw a fit and yelled, "Don't you know who I am?"

    The host said,"No, not really, but wait here. I'll go get the owner."

    The owner came up from the kitchen area, and again Jane baby said, "We'd like a table. You DO know who I am, right?"

    The owner said, "Why yes, I do, and you need to know who I am.

    "I am the owner of this establishment, and I served in the US Military and went to Vietnam, twice. So you, Ms. Fonda, can get the f _ _ k out of my restaurant."

    True story.

    Thanks to "American Conservative Veterans" for this story.

    The reason I think this might be true is that when Hanoi Jane was filming a movie in the Danbury area about 20 years ago, the locations were picketed by Vietnam veterans. Many local businesses refused to do business with the movie company specifically because Hanoi Jane was a member of the cast. The movie company had to move down to Stamford and pick up their shots there, quickly and quietly, before the word reached the veterans down there that the traitor Jane Fonda was filming in their northern neighborhoods, up in the old money neighborhoods where there are lots of trees and horses, and upper middle class New Yorkers would come in the summer a century and more ago to get out of the summer heat. It's one reason she sticks close to the Left Coast. There are plenty of veterans and their families who have not forgotten what she did in this country.
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    Not a true story.
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    Saw that many years ago. Friend of mine in a vet group, we went to high school together, him a Huey pilot 2 tours, saw her walking down a side walk in Atlanta, a wrinkled old woman. He said he lost his anger seeing how old she was.
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    She must have had plastic surgery since then, since she is starring in a cable series with Lily Tomlin called Frankie & Grace, and looks good for a traitorous bitch who is 80 years old. Tomlin is younger than she is and looks worse. (I don't watch the series; Princess Whinybitch does.)

    I was not allowed to serve, but I had family members and friends who did, and I was enraged by her actions at the time. I still think she and her then-husband Tom Hayden should either have been denied re-entry to the United States, or on their return from North Vietnam been arrested and tried for treason. And once convicted -- open and shut case -- immediately hanged.
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    Enough spackle or bondo and and any wreck can be made presentable.
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