Janet Reno kissed the president. On the lips!

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    I refuse to post the link to CBS news as it shows the picture of Reno kissing Sheen and I just cant do that to you all. I just love the way the press implys that an actor playing the president is the president...

    CBS) CBS Early Show Contributor Craig Crawford reports from Florida, where a candidate for governor got some campaign help from the commander in chief. And neither of them were named Bush.

    Janet Reno kissed the president.

    On the lips!

    Oh sure, the nation's longest-serving attorney general in history was only smooching television’s fake president, Martin Sheen, who plays the commander in chief on the prime-time series "West Wing."

    But hey, the real president's affections are taken in this fight for the governorship of Florida. The sitting governor, Jeb Bush, is his brother. And Al Gore proved a little kissy-face goes a long way toward loosening a stiff politician's image.

    So Reno traveled the state over the weekend with a fictional president, launching their three-day swing with a tender moment in front of 750 contributors at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

    "Martin Sheen, thank you for your passion, for your caring about the humankind of this planet," Reno told her supporters after greeting the actor to the stage.

    Sheen returned the praise in kind.

    "Florida is fortunate enough to have a very rare opportunity to engage the most qualified and gifted public servant imaginable in Miss Reno."

    Getting cozy with celebrities has become a hallmark of the Reno campaign. Talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell raised money for her. Reno showed up on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And she is a fixture in the scripts of "Saturday Night Live."

    In Reno's Miami fund-raiser speech, she only hinted at the substance of her campaign, keeping power dry for what will undoubtedly be a hard-fought general election campaign if she wins the Democratic nomination in the September primary against wealthy Tampa attorney Bill McBride.

    On the subject of the missing welfare child, Rilya Wilson – and reports of hundreds more missing in a growing scandal for the Jeb Bush administration – Reno previewed what will likely become a sustained attack on the state agency in charge of foster kids.

    "I want to give our children a good, healthy, safe start in this world. I don’t want them lost. I don't want them missing. The governor talked a good line, but he has not delivered to an agency that is under-funded, under-staffed and overwhelmed."

    But Florida Democrats are up against a governor who targets his owns weaknesses as soon as they spot them. He was quick to launch an investigation of the state's missing foster children and put pressure on the agency in charge.
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    It is Florida....alot of the voters there said they couldn't figure out a butterfly ballot. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those voters suffering from Old Timers (Alzheimers) Disease actually thought Sheen was the President....If they vote for her they deserve her.

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    All those welfare folks watching TV all day probably thought Sheen was the real pres. Now they will vote for her and get more money!

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    She's a man baby- Austin Powers
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    ^5, Joe......
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    heheheheheheheheheheheehehe Good one Joe
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    Well the first thing that will happen is a sudden property tax if she gets it....
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    Your very very wrong Chris...the first thing that would happen is that evey gun owner here in florida with any sense will pack our u-hauls and get out of the state quickly before she takes the oath...after that if your still in the state have your firearms stacked neatly in your liveing room for the BATF to pick up. It will look like a scean for Afganastan..mass exadus of gun owners..NRA helacopter flying cover....