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Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Ten Man, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Ten Man

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    Every American citizen who believes in the Constitution, God, and Country needs to see this video on Radical Islam's program.

    The Third Jihad
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    Thanks Ten Man. I didn't watch it. I know the score from school ball years ago. Back in the day, we had special teams and a few special plays. The coaches today are not calling special plays from the DC area.

    I went back to watch it. When Rosie came on that was enough.
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  3. grizcty

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  4. Ten Man

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    You missed the best part of the video, if you did not get past the obese bovine imitator. LOL
  5. chesterwin

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    OK. I watched it through that time. I hope others do as well. This country needs to "Wake Up" in many ways...
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    It really seems to me that it doesn't matter who we vote into any office. Every government official seems to talk out of both sides of their mouth and is only in it for themselves. They promise this, they promise you that, then they sucker punch you in the giblets to take more of your money.

    I understand the fundamental vote should go to conservative to preserve all of our rights, but in the end they are going to leverage our rights against us.
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    Afton NY
    We all sit back basically in shock and witness the antics of the two parties that have done serious damage to our country. They distort the facts, they pass the blame, and worst of all, they stop at no end to destroy the character of their opponents. They have assumed no responsibility for much of anything, and soon distance themselves from campaign promises, once elected. It's as if they become some kind of ailen supreme being as soon as they gain power, and no longer listen to anything that is not promoted by their political party. Putting it quite simply, they sell their souls to their party, and the big money that sponsors their election campaign. We no longer have a Democracy. What we have is a Government company, if you will, and it is run by those who have enough money to control it. We are only fed who they want us to vote for, that is why we are getting puppets in office. Do you really know who is running the show? This is why pork is passed. This is why our President lags in his decision making. He is getting influenced by those that he owes. Big money has infiltrated our Democracy. The Gov't can't call its soul its own anymore.
  8. Rave

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    This election is the dirtyist yet,the mud slinging is in the over killl range.
    Those at the trough want to keep feeding and those outside are determined to get their place to fill themselves like tics,to the bursting point before the chow is gone.
    None of them seem to care what results from their actions,only that they keep or get a spot.
    All of the voteing results will be very close as we have very little to choose from and many voters want a none of the above space where the two running both loose and two more will run in their place.
    This situation is the pits!
  9. chesterwin

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    The link may indirectly be related to the elections coming up but I think you folks should watch it. It's an eye opener...