John Bolton on Iran

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  1. Well, Russia will deliver fuel material to Iran on August 21, one week away. That is basically the deadline for when Israel has to safely strike their reactors with out massive contamination released. Remember they did this twice before, once with Syria BEFORE the rods were in place. John Bolton talked about this on Fox news on Friday. If America joins in, this could be the greatest strategic blunder an Administration has ever made. We are stretched too thin, our troops are weary, and we don't have money for more war. This event is what it would take to save 'O' with his failing support. Elections are coming.
    Also, I worry for our troops in the region, with that kind of release of contamination, and surely Our generals know this too. So the date of a strike may be before Aug 21, 2010.
    This will set off a total regional war, and Hamas and Hezbolla which may be already in this country may conduct operations here. Our borders are unguarded thanks to the Feds. Not a good scenario. Pray for peace, prepare for war, and fill those cupboards up now.
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    Sounds like John Wayne toilet paper,don't take s**t off nobody.
    Some folks that cry bomb the world could use a reality check.:killemall:

  3. Mmmmm,

    Iran is a bilion dollar purchaser of military equipment and upgrades from Russia.

    Iran is a nation of eighty million people no country can realistically invade, conquer, and manage especially as the population does not want foreign leadership.

    Russia has so many dollars in foreign reserves they could really hurt America by releasing massive amounts of dollars on the international market.

    Iran, despite its shoot from the mouth president, is becoming a much for peaceful nation less and less interested in the internal affairs of other nations.

    Iraq is more and more dependent upon large scale Iranian toursim to religious shrines thus Iraq does not want anything done that might
    cut off Iranian tourism and the money it brings.

    So, I accept the reality that Iran will become if it is not already, a nation in the region with an atomic bomb thus joining Israel and Pakistan in the atomic club.

    P.S. Despite all the go get 'em yap from America we have to temper our actions because we also need the give and take of trade and diplomacy with Russia.
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    hmmmm,two days after Bolton sez the Russians are going to install the fuel rods in Irans power plant and the Israelis must strike before that happens all the combat brigades in Iraq pull out under cover of darkness in to kuaite leaving 50,000 troops in Iraq.
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