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    I know there are some country folk on here and I'd like to know what you have and your honest opinion. I'm probably going to need at least a 50 hp tractor for the land I now own. I have 40 acres and will be doing a lot of clearing, dirt work, and brush hogging. The land is 2/3 dense forest. I need to find my property pins so I can put up wire. This means a lot of clearing and burn piles. I need something that will hold up. Thanks for your input.....:)
  2. You will get a lot of opinions on tractors, just like you will for firearms. I would suggest you go to the dealerships of each on in the area and talk to the mechanics. John Deere are fine tractors, but a bit more expensive to both purchase and repair. The Kubota is also strong for their size but the Hydrostatic trans looses some power to the wheels. I am not a Ford man, but the New Holland is good for the money. Stay away from the Belarus, it is dang near impossible to find parts for them. At least in my area. A Kubota with a backhoe attachment will make pulling stumps quite a bit easier. Actually, a John Deere 110 backhoe would likely be the best for the clearing process. If you want a one stop shop tractor. The Kubota M59TLB is capable of doing what you ask. Good luck with whatever you get.

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    I have a deere 38 hp 3038e, I use it for dirt, logging, snow removal and brush hog. Works great. I have about a 10 acre plot if you include the ROW's I take care of. 60 inch Rotary Cutter, and 64 inch Snow Blower. If you are going to be doing alot of digging you should get a tooth bar or toothed bucket you will need it. Strait edges don't dig for beans. You may even want to consider a box blade with scarifiers for scraping land away slowly. They actually are sometimes better than digging with a FEL.
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    I am a john deere fan and have used john deeres extensively in the past when I was farming plus the first farm vehicle I learned to drive as a kid was an old JD 7700 combine. I find the JD to be very stable on steep terrain and they have a good amount of grunt, new holland i would not trust I have seen their 4wd crap out on hills a few times and one happened while I was in the seat of one and I was lucky that I could put the discs in the ground to slow myself down, another I do not like is the McCormick
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    also before I forget there is a site that specialises in farm equipment, chainsaw and other equipment related discussions just be aware they could give you CAD (chainsaw addiction disease) I am not sure if I ma allowed to post the link so feel free to PM me for the link if you wish to look in there aswell
  6. Ive had good luck with New Hollands. My friend owns a new Holland with a back hoe and plow that I often use to make mud pits and do various plow work. Its a diesel and i believe its around 40 horsepower. John deer is also an excellent machine. im not very familiar with kubota but im sure they are fine.
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    I know one thing, I'll never buy a Husqvarna again! Bought two new ones from Sears and neither would start and run! I bought a Stihl chainsaw and gas powered pole saw and have had no trouble what soever. They fire right up and run till they're out of gas.......
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    Thanks for the input guys. I guess it's a matter of how close the dealers are and repair records on the ones I am interested in.
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    hunker down with a neighbor or 2 and see what they say, about their tractor, the dealer and the service.
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    My dad has a 1932 ford tractor. That speaks for itself.
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    Yup stihls are good but dolmar PS7900 is better especialy with the 85cc big bore kit from baileys and an extra port cut into the muffler and a heavy duty air filter kit. My first real saw was a McCulloch SP80 then I bought a beat up stihl 034 and stuck an 036 top end and carb onto it with an extra port in the muffler and it kept up with the stihl 046. I did have a husqvarna 575XP but I got pissed off with it and stuck it under the rear wheel of a 220HP JCB Fastrack and repeatedly ran it over
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    Ava, MO
    I have a Mahindra 5500 4WD. It's 54 HP (45 HP PTO). I bought it when I moved to the farm in 2004. They had a 0% interest incentive at the time and from what I gathered, were the best bang for the buck then. JD's and NH's were far more expensive then. Kubota was really popular, but again very expensive. Apparently Mahindra has become the largest compact utility tractor seller in the U.S. I haven't needed any parts, so I can't tell you how responsive they are, but I think they warehouse quite a bit in the US. Wish I could give you a comparison, but I just don't have that much experience. I'd guess that between JD, NH, Mahindra, maybe Case, you're probably getting about the same quality give or take very little.
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    It really sounds like you need to rent a smaller size track loader or excavator to do your clearing with and then decide on a tractor for the rest of your chores. I have a JD 450c T/L and can remove trees up to around 18" in diameter pretty easy and larger ones take alittle more effort usually just breaking some of the upper roots and then a good push and they come down. I don't think I would try anything of that size with a utility tractor. For one thing they don't have the tractive effort of a steel tracked machine. If you push on a tree and it sways one way and you can't go ahead and push it over or control it, it is going to come back at you.

    As for a REAL tractor up in the size you are looking for that is 5 times what the Kubota's, NH, and Deere offers. Look no further than the Case 570 line. There are acouple of guys here locally that do landscaping and dirt moving and all they now have are Case 570 machines. A friend of my fathers has all enclosed cabs with air conditioning on the 3 or 4 that he owns. Look around and you can find some really nice ones with 4wd and 4in1 loader buckets on them with decent hours in the 12-15K range. I looked at about a 10 year old one awhile back down in southern illinois with just about every option except enclosed cab and air conditioning and the guy was asking 12,500.00.
    Absolutely nothing the Kubota dealer, the Agco dealer, JD, or NH dealers had came close to the durability and real industrial duty machine for that kind of money.

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    Mahindra can't sell in NE because they will not submit their tractor to the NE tractor test lab.

    NE Tractor Test Laboratory

    ^ Bob this has great info on darn near every tractor
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    I have an L2800 Kubota tractor. It works so long as all the pins and cotter keys don't fall off. Which they do just about every time and I'm just mowing 10 acres. For the price I paid for it brand new, the service sucks, it kept overheating after I had it in the shop for repairs because they replaced the antifreeze with water. Had it in for a hydraulic leak. I wouldn't buy another one and mine was brand new when I got it. Biggest piece of sh***t ever.
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    Serviced in Ottawa?
  17. For the money you might be better off getting an older vintage Ford or John Deere.
    Say a 5000 Ford or 2640 Deere.
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    This is the first time I have ever seen anyone say anything bad about a Kubota.
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    My father-in-law has a farm pro tractor. They are made in Korea I think. Anyway its a 30 or 40 hp diesel and the motor has a John Deer emblem on it. Was told that any 90 hp or lower John Deer motor was made in Korea. Any way, he uses his for his portable saw mill. Works great. Paid around $6000.00 for it new.
  20. BunnyWabbit

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    It is amazing to me that a $23,000 tractor is held together with pins and cotter keys. It will do the job when everything is hooked back together and doesn't fall out. I spend more time walking the yard looking for pieces of it than I do mowing. The hook that holds the implements always falls off. When I bought it, first thing that fell off was a bolt on the frame. Kubota in Topeka came out and replaced it. When they came to pick it up for the hydraulic leak it fell over when the were loading it on their flatbed. They had it for 3 weeks during prime mowing season and not one phone call from them. It was still under warranty. When I called, they said the part that came in was wrong and they had to reorder. Then they said they had to replace some other stuff because the transmission was making funny noises. Which it wasn't when they got it. I get it back, got halfway across the yard and it overheated. Maybe I am just unlucky with this particular tractor, or the service in my area sucks. It gets stored in a 40 x 60 shop, washed after every use, check the fluids before I ever start it up. I am not impressed whatsoever with this tractor.