John R. Lott, Jr.: High Gas Prices Are Not Something New

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    With oil prices closing above $125 a barrel of oil on Friday, angry politicians are blaming the higher prices on everything from speculators to greedy oil companies. Last week some Democratic Senators demanded “urgent action . . . to adequately investigate whether speculators are driving up prices.”

    Democrats are proposing to protect the American people from “greedy oil traders who manipulate the market.” Senator Barack Obama wants price gouging by oil companies to be a federal crime. - John R. Lott, Jr.: High Gas Prices Are Not Something New - Opinion
  2. Democrap's or Republicon's, it make's me NO differents as long as something is done about it !

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    I honestly don't think the politicians can do anything about gas prices, except to vote, and allow American oil to be exploited, pumped, and used for American consumption. That would mean the international companies would have to be kept out of our fields, or our oil would be sent to China, Japan, etc. The big oil companies that are left, have no loyalty to this country, only to bigger profits.