Johnny Taliban's cellmates!

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    Boy if there was ever a time I wish I could be in prison it would be to bunk with this boy. How long do you think it will be before he gets his just deserts?

    They ought to put him in a military prison... hehehehe. That would fix him.
  2. wes

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    I have a feeling that he won't be alive too long. Inmates are still Americans.

  3. jerry

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    just wait and see.

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    Need to put him in a cell all alone with the biggest, lonliest "Bubba" there is. Make him someones girlfriend for the rest of his life.
  5. jerry

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    Naw, that just might end up bringing him pleasure.
  6. or maybe his dad will try and get him sent to some minimum security country club, or if he's sent to the max. prison, arange to get him a private cell.
  7. jerry

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    How did Dahmer go? I can't remember if he was in iso.
  8. 7mmag6

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    this guy is a traitor to his country, i geuss its not"politicaly correct'these days to stand him up under a firing squad, what did he receive 20 years, man i long for the good old days, he deserves a firing squad composed of the relatives of our boys that died in operation anaconda
  9. Big Dog

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    Put him in the same cell with Martha Stewart. She'll drive him insane with her nattering.
  10. Klaus

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    Hey, I wouldn't mind being locked up with Martha Stewart, for a few hours, anyway.
  11. Calvin

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    Dahmer was in the general population. His demise happened on a cleaning detail. There were 3 inmates on that duty and one of them beat Dahmer and the other inmate with a broom handle. Dahmer died at the infirmary. The prison staff were so scared of Dahmer, they did the autopsy on him while his legs were chained together.
    As far as Johnny Taliban, he'll get his for sure. Prisoners may be bad people, but some do have some scruples and will make short order of him.
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  12. Doglips

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    At Tomica CI (Prison) in Daytona FL were I worked a few years there we actualy a lot of vets (Veitnam usaly) Im sure that they will provide Johnney with a nice safe home and a friendly welcome... I sure hope he learned some Muslim self defense moves otherwise he gona end up as someones girlfriend.