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    From the tree that is..

    His dad was quoted on the radio today as saying "Johnny is a good kid; I said Johnny, Nelson Mandella was sent to prison too and he is a good man."

    No wonder this kid is such a sh!thead. He is the product of his parent's spoiled lifestyle. His dad also made it a point to say that John never said anything negative about America while in captivity. "Johnny loves America." he was quoted as saying.

    This is quite different from when he sent his mom emails denouncing America asking what has it ever done for you. His dad is just as much as a $h!t as he is.

    Atleast he got 20 yrs with NO parole.
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    Im sure Bubba and the gang at the prison will teach him how they ride a camel in the big house.....I have a feeling that he is going to enjoy the next 10 years....of course he will write a book, HBO movie and the talk show circute so he will end up with more $$ that any of us have.
    I believe that he should sever out his 10 years in a Pastan prison...Im sure they have a/c and tv over there.


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    Fire up "old sparky"!
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    I wouldn't worry about it...Dahmer got killed in his first ten years and he was popular compared to this piece of sewage
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    By the way his last name was Lindh...I want to still order a decent drink at a bar and not get beat up over it
  6. Banner Day for American Media

    ...rant mode on.....

    What a load o' c rap!

    Poor little Johhny, daddy says. I think ol dad should be flogged in public!!!

    I know this is America, where Talban Johhny and Taliban sympathizer Daddy are free to say what they want.

    Well so am I, but I won't be able to say it on the nightly news so I can say it here.

    Dad should be floged, publicly, IMHO.

    The media should also be flogged for eating this story up, appearing to take poor old dads side and debating why the Govt. dumped all the charges except two. They say if Poor Johhny was guilty, the Govt. wouldn't have done that. Guess what news media, you expose yourselves as the pack of un American commie sympathizers you are! Jackals! Are you Americans, or Taliban supporters yourselves?

    You all can Kiss my American A**!! (media and Taliban loving Family)

    He loves this country, says dad??? When? And how??!!??!! Dad you sir are a total moron and the smiling face of evil. It is one thing to love your child, but to take his side in aiding the murder of American lives? You created the monster, you enabling panzy ***** of a parent.

    You raised him, you created him, and now you support him. You are no better than your un- American, inhuman a-hole of a son. Who, BTW I now have to help pay for for the next 20 years! Thanks!

    Johhny aided and abetted terrorists, and did the same for the ENEMY before and during a war. He supported a group whose terrorist acts have killed thousands world wide. He should rot in prison.

    Also, comparing a traitor and war criminal to Nelson Mandella makes me sick. Think what you want about Mandella, but there are no parallels here.

    Your son has shown your Failure as a man and a parent to the world 10 fold!!!!

    The media makes me sick for eating this up and Taliban Johhny's dad better never cross my path or two fists of American fury will repeatedly dance across his traitorous face!

    But you know what daddy, and this is why my words are to be my only action here, you cannot lie to God about your son. You will not be able to save him from eternal D amnation, if that is God's will. And you better start using that fancy thinking of your own to try and save your evil sole!

    ....Rant off.....
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