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just a word of caution.
if you jump off into the gun world your gonna spend a lot of time there.
just the winchester low walls I have seen so far have a value.
some of them are maybe newer and some original.
there is a big difference in price between the two [ 1-K versus 4-K ] and a buyer might not know the difference.
I have looked at a few newer repro's but mostly because the caliber caught my interest more than the gun.

an original is something a collector is interested in.
they will know the going rate, but will also have a number in their head you might not like because the prices are flat at the moment.

as an example.
right now those high priced double guns everyone calls 'elephant guns' are depressed in value.
so the open market is barely what a shop owner would have paid a few years ago.
sometimes a gun owner is surprised by a shop owners value on something they just bought.
the shop owner buys at wholesale and sells at retail so newer guns have no other value to him.

this isn't the case here, but the same principle still applies.
if everyone is looking for an AR to keep the protestors off the lawn, a high grade trap gun becomes a lot less important to them.
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