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    Hi good morning to all. I am posting a few pic of this most ornate gun I think it is called an over under shot gun it has carvings and is very beautiful. Seems to feel really good in ones any one know anything about it..thank you kaye

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    Kaye adams: Ma’am; your firearm is historically exquisite:)

    The German sporting arms industry at the end of 1939 was undoubtedly the most progressive in the world.” Any student of gun making knows the name of the Thuringian city Suhl where many of our favorite possessions were made, but few comprehend the full scope of what manufacturing went on there and to some extent still goes on today. Also many do not realize that all guns that were made in Suhl were of high quality, unlike Liege, Belgium where a large part of the industry catered to the low-end market. By returning to the 1953 Shooter’s Bible we can get an abbreviated view of the historical background of Suhl. Alexander Stoeger wrote “In each of these centers arms have been produced from medieval times back to the Arquebus and ancient armor. There was a reason for this too, because each of these towns at one time produced iron which was then principally in demand for weapons.
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    I'll look at it when I get home after work and send you any numbers I can find on it thank you