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  1. maasyoak

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    looking for a holster for my 3 in judge. Don't want generic run of the mill
    Can anyone help. :feedback:
  2. TXplt

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    Try Manufacturer's thread on this website, then go to Taurus. There's some threads on the Taurus judge and specifically on The Taurus Judge holster. I think someone had a post that custom made holsters as well.

    Welcome as well-great site. I use generic for mine, but there are custom made jobs as well.

    It's under "want to buy a holster for the judge" under Taurus from Manufacturer's.
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    Taurus Judge Holsters- Handmade

    Hi maasyoak,

    Saw you are looking for a durable holster. We handmake all our holsters and the Taurus Judge Holster is by far our best selling holster. We wetmold and handstitch each holster. Check us out at Welcome to VeryTexas.com

    Here are a couple of pictures for you to view.
    Let me know. We can fill the order.

    Thank you,
    G. Taylor